MS4.1.1                Joseph Marshall d'Avray.  Address on
                       "Language".  1863.

MS4.2.1-8              Jacob Whitman Bailey.  Work on microscopic
                       life forms (diatoms), algae and the fossil
                       "Polythalmia".  [1840s-1857]

        MS4.3.1  Loring Woart Bailey

MS4.3.1.1              On the Acadian and St. Lawrence Water Shed.

MS4.3.1.2              Adaptations of Seeds and Fruits.

MS4.3.1.3              The Age of Earth.

MS4.3.1.4              Synoptical Review of Algae.

MS4.3.1.5              Animal Histology.

MS4.3.1.6              A Lecture on Art.

MS4.3.1.7              From America & Europe by the Atlantic

MS4.3.1.8              The Bay of Fundy.

MS4.3.1.9              Biological notes.

MS4.3.1.10             Bones of the Face.

MS4.3.1.11             Botanical notes.

MS4.3.1.12-13          Botany.

MS4.3.1.14-15          Botany for Engineers.

MS4.3.1.16             Caves.

MS4.3.1.17             Caves & Cavities in New Brunswick.

MS4.3.1.18             The Cerebro-Spinal Axis.

MS4.3.1.19             Coal.

MS4.3.1.20             Types of Coelentera.

MS4.3.1.21             Conchology / Soil.

MS4.3.1.22             Corals and their work.

MS4.3.1.23             Curries Mt. and Its Surroundings.

MS4.3.1.24             Diatoms.

MS4.3.1.25             Provincial Illustrations of Dynamical

MS4.3.1.26             The Earth.

MS4.3.1.27-28          Our Earth Home.

MS4.3.1.29             Our Earth Residence.

MS4.3.1.30             Types of Echinoderms.

MS4.3.1.31             Ecology or Plant Relations.

MS4.3.1.32             Notes on the Ecomonic Minerals of New
                       Brunswick with a Revised list of Mineral
                       Localities in the Province.

MS4.3.1.33             Encaenial address.  [1867].

MS4.3.1.34             The Evolution of Topography.

MS4.3.1.35             The Scenery about Fredericton and its

MS4.3.1.36-41          Freshman Botany : attendance, records,
                       exams, notes.

MS4.3.1.42             Fruits.

MS4.3.1.43-47          Structure of Representative Fruits.

MS4.3.1.48             Geographical Distribution of Plants and

MS4.3.1.49             Geography and Surface Features Relating to
                       New Brunswick Geo.

MS4.3.1.50             Geological notes.

MS4.3.1.51             The Geological Relations of the Atmosphere.

MS4.3.1.52             Geological Survey of Canada : Map of Central
                       Southern New Brunswick.

MS4.3.1.53             Geology of Fredericton and Surroundings.

MS4.3.1.54             The Geology of New Brunswick.

MS4.3.1.55             Gymnosperms.

MS4.3.1.56             Relations of Gymnosperms to Other Plants.

MS4.3.1.57-58          Recollections of Harvard Forty Years Ago.

MS4.3.1.59             The Human Body.

MS4.3.1.60             Early History of the Human Race.

MS4.3.1.61             The Human Telephone or Our Heads and What
                       They Contain.

MS4.3.1.62             Jordan Mountain Manganese Property.

MS4.3.1.63             Journey in the Wilderness of New Brunswick,

MS4.3.1.64             Laurentian System.

MS4.3.1.65-70          Lecture notes #1087.

MS4.3.1.71             Sundry lecture notes #1101.

MS4.3.1.72-73          Lichens.

MS4.3.1.74-76          Magnetic Survey Maps, Ontario.

MS4.3.1.77             Materials used in Man's Temporary Home.

MS4.3.1.78             The Phases of Matter.

MS4.3.1.79             Upon some Microscopic Forms of Life.

MS4.3.1.80             Mines and Mining.

MS4.3.1.81             Musci or Mosses.

MS4.3.1.82             The Mountain Systems of America.

MS4.3.1.83             Mountains, Lakes and Rivers.

MS4.3.1.84             Movements of Plants.

MS4.3.1.85             The Museum of the University.

MS4.3.1.86             Myriopods.

MS4.3.1.87             Mystic Pond.

MS4.3.1.88             Napoleon.

MS4.3.1.89             Natural History Society.

MS4.3.1.90             The Interpretation of Natural Scenery.

MS4.3.1.91             Conditions of Farm life in New Brunswick.

MS4.3.1.92             The Natural Features of New Brunswick.

MS4.3.1.93             Report of Geological Survey of New

MS4.3.1.94             Science in New Brunswick in Relation to the

MS4.3.1.95             Notes, Chiefly Botainical in South-western
                       Nova Scotia.

MS4.3.1.96             The Nutritive System.

MS4.3.1.97             What We Know of the Ocean.

MS4.3.1.98-99          Physical Geography of New Brunswick.

MS4.3.1.100-           Lectures (Plant Reproduction)

MS4.3.1.104-           Lectures on Plants.

MS4.3.1.112            Plymouth.

MS4.3.1.113            Pre-historic Man.

MS4.3.1.114            The Present and the Past.

MS4.3.1.115            Some Railway Geography.

MS4.3.1.116            Some Reminiscences 1861-1915.
                       [Geological Expeditions]

MS4.3.1.117            The Respiratory System.

MS4.3.1.118            What the Rocks Have to Tell Us.

MS4.3.1.119            The History of the St. John River Valley.

MS4.3.1.120            Sight.

MS4.3.1.121            Upon Some Aspects of the Silurian System in
                       New Brunswick and Adjacent Regions.

MS4.3.1.122            The Simpler Forms of Plant Life.

MS4.3.1.123            First Type of Mollusca - the Snail.

MS4.3.1.124            Characteristics of Our Surroundings.

MS4.3.1.125            A Trip to the Anthracite Region of

MS4.3.1.126            Vegetable Histology.

MS4.3.1.127-           Vegetable Physiology.

MS4.3.1.129            Volcanoes Past and Present.

MS4.3.1.130            A Drop of Water.

MS4.3.1.131            Some Glimpses of Western Europe.

MS4.3.1.132            Summary of Zoological Principles.

MS4.3.1.133-           Plates for "On Illustrations of Dynamical
        135            Geology".

        MS4.3.2  Reprints (Chronological)

MS4.3.2.1              "Notes on New Species of Microscopial
                       Organisms from the Para River, South
                       America."  1861, pp. 329-353.

MS4.3.2.2              "Notes on Diatomaceoe from the St. John
                       River,"  1863, pp. 1-4.

MS4.3.2.3              "Report on the Mines and Minerals of New
                       Brunswick."  Fredericton: G.E. Fenety, 1864,

MS4.3.2.4              "Mineral Localities of New Brunswick."
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MS4.3.2.5              "Observations on the Geology of Southern New
                       Brunswick."  Fredericton:  G.E. Fenety,
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MS4.3.2.6              "An Address:  Delivered at the Encoenia of
                       the University of New Brunswick, June 27,
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                       Provincial Museum."  St. John, N.B.:  H.
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MS4.3.2.7              "The Woods & Minerals of New Brunswick being
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MS4.3.2.8              "Report on the Geology of Southern New
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                       and Albert, 1878-79."  Montreal:  Dawson
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MS4.3.2.9              "On the Silurian System of Northern Maine,
                       New Brunswick and Quebec."  May 27, 1886,
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MS4.3.2.10             "Relics of the Stone Age in New Brunswick."
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MS4.3.2.11             "Notes on the Physiography & Geology of
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MS4.3.2.12             "On some Relations Between the Geology of
                       Eastern Maine & New Brunswick."  May 23,
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MS4.3.2.13             "Presidential Address:  On the Progress of
                       Geological Investigation in New Brunswick."
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MS4.3.2.14             "Notes on the Surface Geology of
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MS4.3.2.15             "The Gold-bearing Rocks of New Brunswick."
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MS4.3.2.16             "Notes on the Geology and Botany of Digby
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MS4.3.2.17             "The Mountain Systems of America.  A
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MS4.3.2.18             "Some Nova Scotian Illustrations of
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MS4.3.2.23             "On Some Modes of Occurrence of the Mineral
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MS4.3.2.24             "On Some Geological Correlations in New
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                       New Brunswick with Special Reference to
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                       Prepared for the Toronto Exhibition on
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MS4.3.2.31             "The History of the Curries Mountain, an Old
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MS4.3.2.32             "The Geological Factors in the Present
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MS4.3.2.33             "The Marine & Estuarine Diatoms of the New
                       Brunswick Coast."  Dec. 6, 1910, pp. 219-
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MS4.3.2.34             "Upon Some Curious Structures in the Gypsum
                       of Albert County, New Brunswick."  May 17,
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MS4.3.2.35             "The Fresh Water Diatoms & Diatomaceous
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MS4.3.2.36             "Diatoms of New Brunswick.  Forms from the
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MS4.3.2.37             "The Diatoms of New Brunswick and Prince
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MS4.3.2.38             "Marine Life of Our Coasts."  1917, pp. 99

MS4.3.2.39             "Some Problems of New Brunswick Geology."
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MS4.3.2.40             "Presidential Address.  The Palaeo-Geography
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MS4.3.2.41             "The Diatoms of Canada."  1920, pp. 115-

MS4.3.2.42             "Diatoms from the Quill Lakes, Saskatchewan,
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MS4.3.2.43             "An Annotated Catalogue of the Diatoms of
                       Canada, showing their Geographical
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MS4.3.2.44             Extracts from address.  "The Minute in
                       Nature."  In The Canadian Medical
                       Association Journal.  Apr. 1928, pp. 433-

        MS4.3.3  Reprints presented to Loring Woart Bailey
                 (Chronologically arranged)  1881-1906

MS4.3.3.1              Crosby, W.O.  "Absence of the
                       Joint-Structure at Great Depths."  Sept.
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MS4.3.3.2              Crosby, W.O.  "On the Classification and
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MS4.3.3.5              Dawson, George M.  "On the Glaciation of the
                       Northern Part of the Cordillera, with an
                       Attempt to Correlate the Events of the
                       Glacial Period in the Cordillera & Great
                       Plains."  Sept. 1890, pp.

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MS4.3.3.14             Matthew, G.F.  "Illustrations of the Fauna
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               MS4.4  William Whitman Bailey:  Reprints  1905-1906

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               MS4.5  Joseph Whitman Bailey:  Reprints with
                      Manuscripts  1902-1930

MS4.5.1                "John Bailey of Salisbury & His
                       Descendants."  Account of the Ninth
                       Gathering of the Bailey - Bayley Family
                       Association.  Lawrence, Mass.:  American Sun

                       Publishing, 1903, pp. 26-33.

MS4.5.2                "Remarks on the Hydrography of New
                       Brunswick."  June 6, 1905, pp. 399-406.  (2

MS4.5.3                Manuscript of "European Trip, 1914", 1914,
                       pp. 1-118.

MS4.5.4                "A Comparison of Rivers."  Scientific
                       American Supplement, Apr. 18, 1914, pp. 241,
                       244-245.  (2 copies)

MS4.5.5                Copyright, circular and excerpts from Loring
                       Woart Bailey - The Story of a Man of
                       Science.  Saint John, N.B.:  J & A McMillan,
                       Ltd., Jan. 13, 1926.

MS4.5.6                Manuscript of "Fourth European Trip."
                       [1926], pp. 1-55.

MS4.5.7                List of Libraries which bought copies of The
                       Curious Life of Dr. Marshall. 1930.

               MS4.6  George Whitman Bailey:  Reprints 1898

MS4.6.1                Manuscript of "A Few Facts About Bacteria.",
                       1898, pp. 1-10.

MS4.6.2                Manuscript for Natural History Society
                       Competition.  "Description of Some New
                       Brunswick Insects Collected by George
                       Whitman Bailey mostly at Fredericton.  1898,
                       pp. 1-24.

               MS4.7  Alfred Goldsworthy Bailey

        MS4.7.1  Manuscripts and transcripts of books, articles,
                 and reviews.

MS4.7.1.1              Manuscript.  Seven Autobiographical Essays:
                       Literary Memories Part I.  [19??], pp. 1-38.

MS4.7.1.2              Manuscript.  Seven Autobiographical Essays:
                       Literary Memories Part II.  [1974], pp.1-38.

MS4.7.1.3              Manuscript.  Seven Autobiographical Essays:
                       Lord Beaverbrook in New Brunswick.  [1975],
                       pp. 1-38.

MS4.7.1.4              Manuscript.  Seven Autobiographical Essays:
                       Lord Beaverbrook in New Brunswick.
                       Reminiscences of Alfred Goldsworthy Bailey.
                       1975, pp. 2-62.

MS4.7.1.5              Manuscript.  Seven Autobiographical Essays:
                       Origins of the Study of History in the
                       University of New Brunswick.

MS4.7.1.6              Manuscript.  Seven Autobiographical Essays:
                       Saint John and the New Brunswick Museum in
                       the Hungry Thirties 1935-1938.  1982, pp. 1

MS4.7.1.7              Manuscript.  Seven Autobiographical Essays:
                       History of the UNB Library to 1959.
                       [1950s], pp. 1-36.

MS4.7.1.8-9            Manuscript.  Seven Autobiographical Essays:
                       Retrospective Thoughts of an Ethnohistorian.

MS4.7.1.10             Manuscript.  Seven Autobiographical Essays.
                       Complete Version. (2 copies)

MS4.7.1.11             "Alfred Goldsworthy Bailey:  A Preliminary
                       Checklist of His Work and Related
                       Criticism."  Compiled by Patricia Ruthven.
                       Edited by Virginia Nielson.  Reference
                       Department, Harriet Irving Library,
                       University of New Brunswick, August 1975,
                       pp. 1-45.

MS4.7.1.12-13          Anthropological Reminiscences.

MS4.7.1.14-17          Autobiography.

MS4.7.1.18             Beckwith, Julia Catherine.

MS4.7.1.19             Canada First:  The Dissident Press, etc.

MS4.7.1.20             Canadian Cultural History (Rough Drafts)

MS4.7.1.21             Conflict of European & Eastern Algonkian

MS4.7.1.22-23          Culture & Nationality.

MS4.7.1.24-25          Related to Culture & Nationality.

MS4.7.1.26             Denys de Fronsae, Richard.

MS4.7.1.27             Experiment in Social History.  (Review

MS4.7.1.28             Foreward to Michael Nowlan's Stubborn

MS4.7.1.29             Foreward to John Graham Reid's, Acadia,
                       Maine, and New Scotland:  Marginal Colonies
                       in the Seventeenth Century.
MS4.7.1.30             Foreward to Mason Wade.

MS4.7.1.31             Foreward to Calvin Woodward's, [The History
                       of N.B.].

MS4.7.1.32             Formative influences on English-Canadian

MS4.7.1.33             Foster & the Genesis of English-Canadian

MS4.7.1.34-36          Fredericton.

MS4.7.1.37-44          Not Used.

MS4.7.1.45             Chapter 1
                       "Historical Background (to 1867)"
MS4.7.1.46             The Historical Setting of Haliburton's

MS4.7.1.47             Historical Setting of Sarah Duncan's "The

MS4.7.1.48-49          Holbrook, James.

MS4.7.1.50             Jarvis, Lucy.

MS4.7.1.51             Lockwood, Anthony.

MS4.7.1.52             MacNutt, William Stewart.

MS4.7.1.53-54          Museum of New Brunswick.

MS4.7.1.55             New Brunswick and Confederation.

MS4.7.1.56             "New Brunswick:  The Keystone of the Arch"
                       (Chapter of Culture & Nationality)

MS4.7.1.57             Notes on Canadian Culture for Mt. A.

MS4.7.1.58             Notes on Fiedmont's Journal.

MS4.7.1.59-60          Odell, Jonathan.

MS4.7.1.61-63          Pacey, Desmond.

MS4.7.1.64-65          Pacey, Desmond, the Bliss Carman Society &
                       The Fiddlehead.

MS4.7.1.66-68          Poetry: Notes.

MS4.7.1.69             Provincial Panorama.

MS4.7.1.70-85          Reviews by Alfred G. Bailey.

MS4.7.1.86             Robb Letters (Separate Box)

MS4.7.1.87             Roberts, Theodore G.

MS4.7.1.88             Social Revolution in Early Eastern Canada.

MS4.7.1.89             Thoughts on this Country.

MS4.7.1.90             Toole, Frank.

MS4.7.1.91-93          Toynbee

MS4.7.1.94-101         University of New Brunswick.

        MS4.7.2  Reprints (Chronological) 1933-1985

MS4.7.2.1              "The Significance of the Identity and
                       Disappearance of the Laurentian Iroquois."
                       1933, pp. 97-108.

MS4.7.2.2              "The John Clarence Webster Collection."
                       Saint John, N.B.:  N.B. Museum Collections,
                       No. 1, 1936, pp. 3-15.

MS4.7.2.3              "The British Dominions Canada No. v. New
                       Brunswick."  Aug. 1936, pp. 457-464.

MS4.7.2.4              "The Opening of the Fort Beausejour Museum."
                       Sept. 1936, pp. 1-2.

MS4.7.2.5              "The Conflict of European & Eastern
                       Algonkian Cultures, 1500-1700."  Monograph.
                       Advertisement for his book.  1937.

MS4.7.2.6              "Social Revolution in Early Eastern Canada."
                       Sept. 1938, pp. 264-276.

MS4.7.2.7              "Railways & the Confederation Issue in New
                       Brunswick, 1863-1865."  Dec. 1940, pp. 367

MS4.7.2.8              "On the Nature of the Distinction Between
                       the French & the English in Canada:  An
                       Anthropological Inquiry."  1947, pp. 63-72.

MS4.7.2.9              "Creative Moments in the Culture of the
                       Maritime Provinces."  June 10, 1949, pp.

MS4.7.2.10             "Keystone of the Arch."  Apr. 1964, pp. 40

MS4.7.2.11             "The Historical Setting of Sara Duncan's The
                       Imperialist.  Summer 1973, pp. 205-210.

MS4.7.2.12             "William Stewart MacNutt 1908-1976."  1976,
                       pp. 81-83.

MS4.7.2.13             "New Brunswick - 6 Views."  [Excerpt from
                       Provincial Panoramic], [1984], pp. 1-11.

MS4.7.2.14             "An Important Announcement.  Literary
                       History of Canada. Canadian Literature in
                       English."  Circular - Advertisement for
                       Literary History of Canada.

        MS4.7.3  Addresses [1946-1979]

MS4.7.3.1              Introduction of  A.J.M Smith. Fredericton.
                       Feb 19, 1946.

MS4.7.3.2              "Address given at the opening of the special
                       De Monts - Champlain Exhibit in the New
                       Brunswick Museum, on the three-hundred and
                       fiftieth anniversary of the naming of the
                       River St. John."  [Saint John].  June 24,

MS4.7.3.3              Introduction of Prof. Alfred G. Bailey of
                       UNB for the Honorary D.Litt. Degree by Bruce

                       G. Trigger."  McGill University, Montreal.
                       June 10, 1975.

MS4.7.3.4              "Towards an Ecumenical Ethnohistory Address
                       at Spring Convocation Upon Receiving
                       Honorary D.Litt. Degree at McGill University.
                       Montreal.  June 10, 1975.

MS4.7.3.5              Statement at Mount Allison Symposium.
                       Sackville,N.B.  Oct. 20, 1979.

MS4.7.3.6              Symposium at Mount Allison.  Sackville, N.B.
                       [ ].

MS4.7.3.7              Introduction of Elizabeth Brewster.
                       [Fredericton].  [ ].

MS4.7.3.8              Tribute to Malcolm Ross.  [ ].  May 22, [ ].

        MS4.7.4  Interviews [1970s]

MS4.7.4.1              Janet Toole interview with Alfred G. Bailey
                       on "The Literary Tradition - Part II."
                       [Frederiction].  Apr. 3, 1974.

MS4.7.4.2              Interview with Alfred G. Bailey, [Desmond]
                       Pacey and [Mc A].  [ ].  [ ].

MS4.7.4.3              Interview with Travis Lane. [ ].  [Sept.

MS4.7.4.4              Questions from Roberta Persi.  Carlton
                       University, Ottawa.  [ ].

        MS4.7.5  Research Notes [1930s-1943]

MS4.7.5.1-2            "On the Indians of North Eastern North
                       America."  1930s.

MS4.7.5.3              Bibliography for paper on "Social and
                       Cultural Development of the British West

MS4.7.5.4              Assorted notes (varied, undated).

        MS4.7.6  Lecture Notes [1930s-1940s]

MS4.7.6.1-27           Class Lists.  Attendance sheets.
                       [Fredericton].  [1938-?].

MS4.7.6.28-37          Lecture notes on European History. [ ]. [ ].

MS4.7.6.38-45          History Course Outlines. [Fredericton]. [ ].

MS4.7.6.46-52          Lecture notes on the History of the Far
                       East.  Fredericton.  [May 1943 - May 1945].

MS4.7.6.53-54          "A Toynbee Bibliography."  [Fredericton].
                       [Oct. 4, 1934 - Feb. 1955].

MS4.7.6.55-83          U.S. History.  Essay by Alfred G. Bailey on
                       Jefferson.  Lecture notes on U.S. History.
                       [ ].  [ ].

MS4.7.6.84             Main Points in Vico's Philosophy of History.
                       [ ].  [ ].

MS4.7.6.85-88          Unidentified Courses:  Class Material.
                       [Fredericton].  [1945].

        MS4.7.7  Reviews and Articles about Alfred G. Bailey

MS4.7.7.1              "History of Literature Well Worth the
                       Price."  Review of Literary History of
                       Canada : Canadian Literature in English.
                       Toronto.  Oct. 15, 1976.

MS4.7.7.2              "The New Literary History:  A Review Essay."
                       Review of Literary History of Canada: 
                       Canadian Literature in English by C.M.
                       Armitage. American Review of Canadian
                       Studies.  Vol. VII, No. 1, Spring 1977.

MS4.7.7.3              Review of Thanks for a Drowned Island by
                       David Arnason.  Quill & Quire  Toronto, Jan.

MS4.7.7.4              Review of The Literary History of Canada by
                       Bernard Baskin.  Hamilton.  Nov. 20, 1976.

MS4.7.7.5              Review of The Literary History of Canada:
                       Canadian Literature in English by Peter
                       Buitenhuis.  Canadian Forum.  Toronto.
                       June-July 1977.

MS4.7.7.6              "Canadian Essence" Review of Thanks for a
                       Drowned Island by Fred Cogswell.  Canadian
                       Literature #61.  Summer 1974.

MS4.7.7.7              "Literary Traditions in New Brunswick" by
                       Fred Cogswell.  Royal Society of Canada. [].

MS4.7.7.8              "Dr. Bailey Made Freeman of City."  Article
                       on Alfred G. Bailey's appointment as Freeman
                       of the City of Fredericton.  Fredericton.
                       The Daily Gleaner.  June 8, 1984.

MS4.7.7.9              Comments on various work by Alfred G.
                       Bailey.  Begin with Wilfred Eggleston.

MS4.7.7.10             Review of Robert Cockburn and Robert Gibbs'
                       Ninety Seasons:  Modern Poems from the
                       Maritimes by Michael Estok.  Dalhousie
                       Review, Vol. 54.  Halifax, 1974/75.

MS4.7.7.11             Review of Literary History of Canada:
                       Canadian Literature in English by William
                       French.  Globe & Mail.  Toronto.  Oct. 9,

MS4.7.7.12             "Poet's Distinctive Voice Heard in
                       Collection by Alfred Bailey."  Review of
                       Thanks for a Drowned Island by Robert Gibbs.
                       The Daily Gleaner.  Fredericton.  Sept. 29,

MS4.7.7.13             Review of Thanks for a Drowned Island by Don
                       Gutteridge.  Queen's Quarterly.  [Kingston].

MS4.7.7.14             "What is Canadian Intellectual History?" 
                       Clarence Karr.  Reference to Alfred G.
                       Bailey.  Dalhousie Review.  Halifax.  [ ].

MS4.7.7.15             Remarks by Dr. P.C. Kent to the special
                       meeting of Fredericton City Council in
                       regard to Alfred G. Bailey becoming a
                       Freeman of the City of Fredericton.
                       Fredericton.  June 7, 1984.

MS4.7.7.16             Review of Literary History of Canada by W.J.
                       Keith.  University of Toronto Quarterly.
                       Toronto.  Summer 1977.

MS4.7.7.17             "The Muskrat in his Brook."  Review of
                       Thanks for a Drowned Island by M. Travis
                       Lane.  The Fiddlehead.  [Fredericton]. 1974.

MS4.7.7.18             "Youth at the Helm."  Review of Tao by
                       Margaret E. Lawrence.  Evening Times Globe.
                       [Quebec].  Dec. 24, 1930.

MS4.7.7.19             "The Fiddlehead Collection."  Review of
                       Robert Gibbs' Reflections on a Hill Behind
                       a Town by Richard Lemm.  [ ].  [1980].

MS4.7.7.20             "Bailey Becomes Freeman of City."  Article
                       by Marilee Little.  The Daily Gleaner.
                       [Fredericton].  June 6, 1984.

MS4.7.7.21             "Canadian Poets Appear in American
                       Anthology."  Press release from UNB.
                       Fredericton.  Nov. 20, 1981.

MS4.7.7.22             Review of Literary History of Canada:
                       Canadian Literature in English by Patricia
                       Morley.  Quill & Quire.  Dec. 1976. and
                       Ottawa Journal.  Dec. 24, 1976.

MS4.7.7.23             "An Antidote for Literary Ignorance."
                       Review of Literary History of Canada by John
                       Moss.  Kingston Whig Standard.  Ontario.
                       Jan. 25, 1977.

MS4.7.7.24             Review of Culture and Nationality by D.A.
                       Muise.  The Canadian Historical Review.

MS4.7.7.25             "This Book's Worth Reading."  Review of
                       Thanks for a Drowned Island by Alden Nowlan.

                       [The Daily Gleaner].  [Fredericton].  Oct.
                       2, 1973.

MS4.7.7.26             "New Brunswick Cities Play Major Role."
                       Review of Literary History of Canada by
                       Michael O. Nowlan.  The Daily Gleaner.
                       Fredericton.  Nov. 12, 1976.

MS4.7.7.27             Review of Thanks for a Drowned Island by
                       Michael O. Nowlan.  The Canadian Reader.
                       Vol. 15, No. 7. [1974].

MS4.7.7.28             "Alfred Bailey:  Canadian Poet and
                       Nationalist."  Article by Michael O. Nowlan.
                       The Atlantic Advocate.  June 1977.

MS4.7.7.29             "Alfred G. Bailey and Canadian
                       Anthropology."  Paper/essay by Victor E.
                       O'Connell.  Montreal.  Mar. 29, 1976.

MS4.7.7.30             "A.G. Bailey."  Article on Alfred G.
                       Bailey's Literary Contributions by Desmond
                       Pacey.  Canadian Literature.  Summer 1976.

MS4.7.7.31             "Biography of Alfred Goldsworthy Bailey" by
                       C. Rankin.  [Fredericton].  May 1984.

MS4.7.7.32             "A Survey of English-Canadian Letters."
                       Review of Literary History of Canada by
                       A.J.M. Smith.  University of Toronto
                       Quarterly.  [1965].

MS4.7.7.33             Review of Thanks for a Drowned Island by
                       A.J.M. Smith.  Dalhousie Review.  Halifax.
                       Winter 1974.

MS4.7.7.34             Biographical article on Alfred Goldsworthy
                       Bailey by William A. Spray.  [ ].  [ ].

MS4.7.7.35             Summary of speech delivered to the Student
                       Christian Movement by Alfred G. Bailey.
                       Author anon.  [Fredericton].  [1947].

MS4.7.7.36             Review of Reflections on a Hill Beyond a
                       Town by Paul Stuewe.  Queen's Quarterly.
                       Kingston, Ont.  [1981?].

MS4.7.7.37             "Whites & Indians."  by Elisabeth Tooker.
                       Reference to Alfred G. Bailey.  Acadiensis.
                       [Fredericton].  Autumn, 1977.

MS4.7.7.38             Review of The Conflict of European & Eastern
                       Algonkian Cultures, 1504-1700 by Bruce
                       Trigger.  The Canadian Historical Review.

MS4.7.7.39             Review of Culture and Nationality by Bruce
                       G. Trigger.  American Anthropologist.  Oct.
                       14, 1975.

MS4.7.7.40             Bibliography entry in Choice on The Conflict
                       of European & Eastern Algonkian Cultures,
                       1504-1700.  March 1970.

MS4.7.7.41             "Poems of a U.N.B. Student are Praised by
                       Quebec Newspaper."  Quebec
                       Chronicle-Telegraph.  1927.

MS4.7.7.42             "Songs of the Saguenay."  Review by R.R.
                       Henderson.  The Brunswickan.  May 1927.

MS4.7.7.43             Biographical sketch. [Muriel (Ming) Farris
                       Baird].  Fredericton.  May 18, 1978.

        MS4.7.8  Reprints and Photocopies Collected by Alfred G.

MS4.7.8.1              Archer, P. Colleen.  "Muriel Miller-Miner."
                       Kawartha Sun.  June 5, 1980.

MS4.7.8.2              Brown, Wallace.  "The Loyalists in the West
                       Indies."  History Dept., UNB.  Fredericton.
                       Mar. 10, 1976.

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                       Malinche:  A Case of Mistaken Identity."
                       The Americas, Vol. 32, No. 4.  Apr. 1976.

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                       Canadian Poetry."  Pacific [Moona]
                       Quarterly, Vol. 4, No. 2, Apr. 1979.

MS4.7.8.5              Condon, Ann Gorman.  "The Imperial Component
                       in Canadian History, 1850-1914."  (Research
                       Proposal).  [Fredericton].

MS4.7.8.6              Condon, Ann Gorman.  "Marching to a
                       Different Drummer - The Political Philosophy
                       of the American Loyalists."  [ ].

MS4.7.8.7              Critchley, MacDonald.  "Specific
                       Developmental Dyslexia."  British Journal of
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                       Literary Catalyst."  [Burnaby, B.C.].  Apr.

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                       Archetypes of Eighteenth-Century Preaching."
                       University of Toronto Quarterly, Vol. 51,
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MS4.7.8.10             Downey, James.  "Keeping Faith."  An address
                       presented on the occasion of Dr. Downey's
                       installation as fourteenth President of the
                       University of New Brunswick.  UNB.
                       Fredericton.  Oct. 16, 1980.

MS4.7.8 11             Downey, James.  "Some Thoughts on Higher
                       Education in New Brunswick & UNB's Place in
                       it."  Paper delivered to the Senior Public
                       Service Managers.  [Fredericton].  Feb. 3,

MS4.7.8.12             Downey, James.  "The Third Wave:  Ripple or
                       Breaker?  Education in the Eighties."
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MS4.7.8.14             Erickson, Vincent O.  "Passamaquoddies and
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                       Reverend Kellogg of the Society for
                       Propagating the Gospel."  Man in the
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MS4.7.8.17             Ferrari, Leo C.  "Halley's Comet of 374 AD"
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MS4.7.8.17A            French, William.  "Publishers Open Summit
                       with Battle Lines Drawn."  Globe & Mail.
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MS4.7.8.18             Review of "The Idea File of Harold Innis."
                       [ed. William Christian] by George Grant.
                       Globe & Mail. May 31, 1980.

MS4.7.8.19             Helmer, James.  "Diamond Jenness
                       (1886-1969)."  Arctic Profiles.

MS4.7.8.20             "Report of the Humanities Conference."
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MS4.7.8 21             Jones, Donald.  "Anthropologist fought 20
                       years of censorship."  Toronto Star.  May
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                       Past."  Ontario Library Review, Vol. 27.
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                       Literary Historian."  Quill & Quire.
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MS4.7.8.29             Miller, Muriel.  "The Life and Times of
                       Bliss Carman:  Man & Poet."

MS4.7.8.30             Nicolai, Martin L.  "Analysis of 'The
                       Unreturning.'"  Fredericton (UNB).  Feb. 20,

MS4.7.8.31             Pacey, Desmond.  [High School Education.]
                       [ ].

MS4.7.8.31A            Piddington, Henry.  The Sailor's Horn-Book.
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MS4.7.8.32             "Pollock to head Banff Playwright's Colony."
                       Article in The Brunswickan.  Mar. 25, 1977.

MS4.7.8.33             Portman, Jamie.  "Play Delivers Frontal
                       Assault on Canadians' Smug Certainties."
                       [Southam News Services].  Edmonton.  [1977].

MS4.7.8.34             Preston, Richard.  "Reflections on Sapir's
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MS4.7.8.35             Ross, Malcolm.  "A Strange Aesthetic
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MS4.7.8.36             Thomas, Peter.  "The Ballad of Albion."
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MS4.7.8.37             Thurrott, J. Harrison.  "La Tour:  An
                       Acadian Chronicle in Two Scenes."  Thesis.
                       Columbia University, New York City.

MS4.7.8.38             Trites, Allison A.  "A Forgotten Founder:
                       A Biographical Sketch of Professor Calvin
                       Goodspeed."  Essay.  [ ].

MS4.7.8.39             Wright, R.H.  "The Art of Pest Management."
                       Chemistry in Canada.  Sept. 1979.

MS4.7.8.40             Young, D.M.  "The Atlantic Provinces:  A
                       History Shaped By Resources?"  Entomological
                       Society of Canada.  Vol. 16, No. 4, Dec.

MS4.7.8.41             Young, D.M.  "A Tribute to Lord
                       Beaverbrook."  Address presented on
                       Founders' Day.  UNB.  Fredericton.  Oct. 18,

MS4.7.8.42             Review of D.M. Young's The Colonial Office
                       in the Early Nineteenth Century.  The
                       Economist. (Oct. 14, 1961.   [Reviewer

MS4.7.8.43             Review of D.M. Young's The Colonial Office
                       in the Early Nineteenth Century.  The Times
                       Literary Supplement.  Dec. 1, 1961.
                       [Reviewer anonymous].

MS4.7.8.44             [ ].  "Educational Specifications for the
                       Proposed Masoz Elementary-Middle School,
                       Maliseet, N.B."  Essay.  [ ].

MS4.7.8.45             [ ].  "A Proposal to Develop Native Teaching
                       Resources for the Mahsos School of the
                       Tobique Indian Band."  Essay.  [ ].

MS4.7.8.46             Article on Contemporary Verse II.  [Author
                       anonymous].  [ ].

MS4.7.9.1-4            Notes & examinations as a student.

MS4.7.10.1-2           Boy Scout Booklets.  1916.

MS4.7.11.1-7           Diplomas.  1927-1979.

MS4.7.12.1-?           Notes on collection by Frances Firth, Linda
                       Hill, Karen Skinner.

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