Bailey Family Collection - Genealogy


               MS1.1  Family Trees and Notes

MS1.1.1                Chart/map.  "Paternal Pedigree." compiled by
                       Joseph Whitman Bailey.  Boston, Mass., 1907.
                       Bailey pedigree dates back to 443 BC. (5
                       copies, one on microfilm)

MS1.1.2                Chart/map.  "Descendants of Reverend Isaac 
                       Bayley and Elizabeth Emerson Bayley."
                       compiled by Joseph Whitman Bailey.  Boston,
                       Mass., 1907.

MS1.1.3                Chart/map.  "Lineal and Collateral Pedigrees
                       of Descendants of Samuel Slaughter Esq. in
                       Four Generations." compiled by Joseph
                       Whitman Bailey.  Boston, Mass., 1907.

MS1.1.4                Chart/map.  "Descendants of Elizabeth
                       Golding Maxwell (Elrington)." compiled by
                       Joseph Whitman Bailey.  Boston, Mass.,
                       October, 1913.  [The chart is incomplete
                       according to Joseph Whitman Bailey and
                       errors may be present.  Probably the first
                       attempt to investigate this family
                       connection.] (3 copies)

MS1.1.5                Chart/map.  "Bailey Genealogy by William
                       Mason Bailey."  [Data collected from Jacob
                       Whitman Bailey's genealogy with additions by
                       his son William Whitman Bailey.]  Completed
                       February 27, 1953.

MS1.1.6                Paper fragment of a genealogical tree.
                       Probably the work of Loring Woart Bailey.

               MS1.2  Branch Families

        MS1.2.1  D'Avray

MS1.2.1.1              Will of Milbrough Maxwell.  [Grandfather of
                       Elizabeth Golding Elrington (Maxwell), who
                       married Dr. Joseph Head Marshall.]  Money
                       and jewelry is bequeathed to Elizabeth
                       Golding Elrington Maxwell.  Other family
                       members promised money or property.
                       Sketch of Maxwell-Elrington family tree.
                       Ancestral notes.  1807.

MS1.2.1.2              Will of Milbrough Maxwell (abstract).
                       Majority of Milbrough Maxwell's estate
                       bequeathed to grand-daughter, Elizabeth
                       Golding Elrington (Maxwell) to be
                       administered by trustees until her 21st
                       birthday.  Bequests to other family members.
                       Will executor, George Booth Maxwell Esq.
MS1.2.1.3              Certificate.  Joseph Marshall d'Avray
                       appointed Chief Superintendant of New
                       Brunswick's Schools.  The Act gives him
                       power of office.  November 1, 1853.

MS1.2.1.4              Transcript of a letter from Loring Woart
                       Bailey to Mrs. Cole of Salem
                       [Massachusetts], with notes.  Knowledge of
                       aristocratic title.  September 23, 1863.

MS1.2.1.5              Certified copy of marriage entry for Joseph
                       Marshall d'Avray and Margaret Glenn, July
                       18, 1838.  Extract from the register
                       witnessed by J. J. Hannah, Vicar of
                       Brighton, May 1, 1899.

MS1.2.1.6              Transcript of letter from Joseph Head
                       Marshall to Dr. Edward Jenner, January 7,
                       1801, Malta.  Submitted to Prevention, a
                       pamphlet issued by the New Brunswick
                       Department of Health, by George
                       Whitman Bailey.  Dr. J. H. Marshall
                       describes success of small pox vaccine in
                       Mediterranean lands.  Praised by citizens
                       and nobility.  January-February, 1924.

MS1.2.1.7              Fragment note about Joseph Marshall d'Avray
                       and Margaret d'Avray (Glenn) by Joseph
                       Whitman Bailey.  Describes Joseph Marshall
                       d'Avray's accidents.  July, 1926.

MS1.2.1.8              Certified copy of marriage entry for Joseph
                       Marshall d'Avray and Margaret Glenn, July
                       18, 1838.  Extract from the register
                       witnessed by Bransley D.H. Jones, Curate.
                       March 31, 1928.

MS1.2.1.9              Publishing company's press release /
                       description of Joseph Whitman Bailey's The
                       Curious Story of Dr. Marshall--With a Few
                       Side Lights on Napoleon and Other Persons of
                       Consequence.  Undated. [1930].

MSl.2.1.10             Critique of Conrad's unfinished novel,
                       Suspense by Miriam H. Wood in "Modern
                       Language Notes".  Suggests that Dr. Joseph
                       Head Marshall was an inspiration for a
                       character in the novel.  June, 1935.

MS1.2.1.11             Note.  Alfred Goldsworthy Bailey
                       finds reference to Dr. Joseph Head Marshall
                       in Henry Contamine's Diplomalie et
                       Diploniales sous la Restauration, 1814-1830.

MS1.2.1.12             Genealogical tree of the family, Marshall
                       deBrett d'Avray.  Compiled by Alain de Brett
                       d'Avray, February 24, 1977.  Paris, France.

MS1.2.1.13             Note.  Alfred Goldsworthy Bailey relates
                       diplomatic intrigues involving Dr. Joseph
                       Head Marshall.  Book references.  December
                       16, 1984.

MS1.2.1.14             List of descendants of Dr. Joseph Head
                       Marshall and the widow of Captain Mayhew.
                       Occupations and residences of various
                       d'Avray family members.  Undated.

MS1.2.1.15             Note.  Patrilineal tree of the Marshall de
                       Brett d'Avray family compiled by Alfred
                       Goldsworthy Bailey.  Undated.

        MS1.2.2        Bulkeley

MS1.2.2.1              Original copy and transcript of Bulkeley
                       family tree.  Relationship between Bailey,
                       Bulkeley, and Emerson.  [Compiled by Joseph
                       Whitman Bailey.]  Undated.

MS1.2.2.2              Family tree from Henry II to Loring Woart
                       Bailey.  [Compiled by Joseph Whitman
                       Bailey.] Undated.

MS1.2.2.3              Transcript of Paternal Pedigree of Jane
                       Allen Bulkeley.  [Compiled by Joseph Whitman
                       Bailey, 1907. [Copied by Alfred Goldsworthy
                       Bailey.]  Undated.

MS1.2.2.4              Transcript of Bulkeley family tree.
                       [Compiled by Alfred Goldsworthy Bailey.]

MS1.2.2.5              List of Reverend Edward Bulkeley's
                       ancestors.  [Compiled by Joseph Whitman
                       Bailey and Alfred Goldsworthy Bailey?]

MS1.2.2.6              Transcript of ancestry of Reverend Edward
                       Bulkeley, Rector of Odell, Bedfordshire,
                       England.  Traces connection to Oliver
                       Cromwell.  Source unknown.  Undated.

MS1.2.2.7              Photocopy of portrait of Reverend Edward
                       Bulkeley.  Historical note by Alfred
                       Goldsworthy Bailey stresses family tie. (2
                       copies)  Undated.

MS1.2.2.8              Extensive notes about various Bulkeley
                       family members.  Source unknown.  Undated.

MS1.2.2.9              Transcript portion of a biographical account
                       about Peter Bulkeley.  Source unknown.

MS1.2.2.10             King's Landing registration sheet for
                       a painting of Jane Allen Bulkeley.
                       Description of painting.  November 16, 1972.
                       Mactaquac, New Brunswick.

MS1.2.2.11             Description of photograph.  Note on the
                       tomb of Thomas and Elizabeth Bulkeley by
                       Alfred Goldsworthy Bailey.  1981.

        MS1.2.3  Gale

MS1.2.3.1              Transcript of diary by John Valiant Gale
                       concerning an excursion to the lower St.
                       Lawrence in 1873.  Information on the
                       countryside, modes of travel, price of
                       goods, individuals encountered.  Notes on
                       Gale family by Alfred Goldsworthy Bailey.
                       Undated.  [1873].

MS1.2.3.2              List of deaths of various Gale/Goldsworthy
                       individuals.  Source unknown. [1878?].

MS1.2.3.3              Thank you note for contribution to King
                       George's Jubilee Trust. [Found among
                       Ernestine Valiant Gale Bailey's papers].

MS1.2.3.4              Notes on Denis Gale by Alfred Goldsworthy
                       Bailey.  Ancestral house in Quebec.
                       Biographical sketch of Richard Goldsworthy
                       and Denis Gale.  Art work by Denis Gale.

        MS1.2.4  Slaughter

MS1.2.4.1              Excerpt from Manuscript Volume, "Colonel
                       Samuel Slaughter and His Descendants."
                       Founder of Culpeper.  Culpeper "Minute Men"
                       in American Revolution, (description of
                       flag, uniforms, tactics).  Deprivations
                       during American Revolution.  Military and
                       family career of Captain Philip Slaughter.

MS1.2.4.2              Transcript of inscription on Samuel
                       Slaughter's tombstone from St. Stephen's
                       Episcopal Church, Culpeper, Virginia.
                       Samuel Slaughter, 1766 - 1857, was founder
                       and vestryman of St. Stephen's Church.
                       Culpeper, Virginia, 1857.

MS1.2.4.3              Genealogical tree and notes.  "Branch Family
                       of Francis Slaughter's Family."  Detailed
                       genealogy of two generations of Slaughter
                       family. [1857+].

MS1.2.4.4              Travel account of Loring Woart Bailey's
                       visit to Western View, Virginia to meet his
                       Slaughter cousins.  Impressions of
                       countryside, plantation, Southern
                       architecture and relatives.  Western View,
                       Virginia.  Thanksgiving, 1858.

MS1.2.4.5              Fragment genealogical tree.  From "Colonel
                       Slaughter and His Descendants."  Family tree
                       and list prepared by Alfred Goldsworthy
                       Bailey.  1958.

               MS1.3  Individuals

        MS1.3.1  Isaac Bailey

MS1.3.1.1              Incomplete biographical sketch of Isaac
                       Bailey by Sidney S. Rider.  Education,
                       employment, marriage of Isaac Bailey. [1810
                       - 1815].

        MS1.3.2  William B. Slaughter

MS1.3.2.1              Biography/autobiography by William B.
                       Slaughter, "Reminiscences of Distinguished
                       Men. with an Autobiography."  [Only
                       autobiography is included.]  Describes
                       education, employment, adventures.  1878.

MS1.3.2.2              Biographical sketch in Appletons' Cyclopedia
                       of American Biography.  Practised law.
                       Supported Andrew Jackson.  Influencial in
                       organizing Wisconsin territory. Biography of
                       clergyman cousin, Philip Slaughter included.
                       New York, 1898.

        MS1.3.3  Joseph Marshall d'Avray

MS1.3.3.1              Correspondence relating to Joseph Marshall
                       d'Avray's professional status in Mauritius
                       and the state of education in the colony.
                       Financial difficulties.  Seeks better
                       employment opportunity.  Mauritius.
                       November, 1844 - November, 1847.

MS1.3.3.2              Letter from Joseph Marshall d'Avray to
                       Benjamin Hawes Esquire, Undersecretary of
                       State.  London, England. September 13, 1847.
                       Joseph Marshall d'Avray declines teaching
                       position in New Brunswick as the salary and
                       status of the position is inferior.  Note on
                       reverse side from [Lord Grey] to  Governor
                       W. Colebrooke encourages the latter to
                       accept d'Avray and raise the proposed
                       salary.  November 27, 1847.

MS1.3.3.3              Excerpts from correspondence regarding
                       Joseph Marshall d'Avray's employment
                       situation in New Brunswick.  Fire destroy
                       majority of d'Avray family possessions.
                       Seeks compensation.  Fredericton, New
                       Brunswick. January 28, 1848 to 1851.

MS1.3.3.4              Recommendation letter from John M. Brooke.
                       Describes Joseph Marshall d'Avray's
                       gentlemanly conduct and competence as a
                       Professor of Modern Languages.  Fredericton,
                       New Brunswick. September 3, 1851.

MS1.3.3.5              Recommendation letter from Edwin Jacob.
                       Esteem for Joseph Marshall d'Avray's
                       conduct.  Fredericton, New Brunswick.
                       September 8, 1851.
MS1.3.3.6              "Outline sketch.  Life of Joseph M.
                       d'Avray."  Biographical sketch of d'Avray.
                       Describes life in Mauritius and New
                       Brunswick.  Employment, publications,
                       friends etc.  Notes by George W. Bailey.

MS1.3.3.7              Essay by W. B. Hamilton, "Marshall d'Avray,
                       Precursor of Modern Education." in Profiles
                       of Canadian Educators.   Biography of
                       family.  Contribution to New Brunswick
                       education system.  Editor of Head Quarters
                       and quarrels with John Gregory. [1974].

MS1.3.3.8              Note on Joseph Marshall d'Avray's influence
                       on Sir George Parkin.  D'Avray family spread
                       out through Commonwealth.  Undated.

MS1.3.3.9              Biography of Joseph Marshall d'Avray by
                       Alfred Goldsworthy Bailey.  Contribution to
                       New Brunswick education system. Difficulties
                       securing monies from government for schools.
                       Influence on Bliss Carman and George Parkin.

        MS1.3.4  Jacob Whitman Bailey

MS1.3.4.1              "A Series of Letters and Events in the Life
                       of Professor Jacob Whitman Bailey arranged
                       by his son, as a tribute of respect, love
                       and gratitude, 1858.  'Esto quod
                       videberis'."  Biography of Jacob Whitman
                       Bailey including letters, by Loring Woart
                       Bailey. pp. 1-101. 1858. [Original and

MS1.3.4.2              "An Address in Commemoration of Professor
                       J.W. Bailey, President of the Association,
                       Delivered Before the Association, August
                       19, 1857 by Dr. A. A. Gould."  Tribute to
                       Jacob Whitman Bailey.  Lists his
                       contributions to the American Association
                       for the Advancement of Science. Mentions his
                       correspondence with scientists;
                       modifications to the microscope stage; work
                       on diatoms; collection of algae and
                       microscope slides.  Dr. A. A. Gould.  August
                       19, 1857. [Two originals and one

MS1.3.4.3              Excerpt from "Proceedings of the American
                       Academy of Arts and Science.  Vol. IV,
                       1857."  Section in obituary notes that Jacob
                       Whitman Bailey was the first to prove the
                       vegetable structure of anthracite coal.
                       1857. [Two transcripts].

MS1.3.4.4              List of publications. "Taxonomic literature:
                       A selective guide to botanical publications
                       and collections with dates, commentaries and
                       types."  Volume I:  A-G. Frans A. Stafleu
                       and Richard S. Cowan.  Utrecht, 1976.

MS1.3.4.5              "Recollections of General Robert E. Lee."
                       Reference to Jacob Whitman Bailey, who
                       taught Robert E. Lee Junior to swim when
                       Robert E. Lee was Superintendent at West
                       Point in the 1850's.  Robert E. Lee Junior.
                       New York, 1904 - 1924.  pp.399-410.

        MS1.3.5  Loring Woart Bailey

MS1.3.5.1              Autobiography. Describes childhood,
                       education, life at West Point, tragic death
                       of mother and sister, Harvard university,
                       professorship at University of New
                       Brunswick, social life in Fredericton,
                       geological expeditions and participation in
                       learned societies.  pp. 1-61. [Original

MS1.3.5.2              Autobiographical and genealogical
                       information by Loring Woart Bailey.
                       Mentions Culpeper and Bailey ancestry.

MS1.3.5.3              Notes by Loring Woart Bailey about his
                       immediate family, especially his father,
                       Jacob Whitman Bailey.  Undated.

MS1.3.5.4              Speech by Loring Woart Bailey on his 82nd
                       birthday.  Mentions family life and career
                       as University of New Brunswick professor.
                       "How times have changed" type of speech.

MS1.3.5.5              Pamphlet for the "Graduating Supper of the
                       Class of 1859."  Ode by William Eberett to 
                       the Harvard graduating class.  Harvard
                       University, Cambridge, Massachusetts. June
                       1, 1859. [Two original copies].

MS1.3.5.6              "Order of Exercises for Class Day, Friday,
                       June 24, 1859."  Programme note for closing
                       day exercises at Harvard University.  Ode by
                       Francis Ellingwood Abbott.  Harvard
                       University, Cambridge, Masssachusetts.  June
                       24, 1859.

MS1.3.5.7              Certificate from the Saint John Mechanics'
                       Institute.  Loring Woart Bailey becomes and
                       honorary member.  Saint John.  January 4,

MS1.3.5.8              "Annual Dinner of the Logan Club with The
                       Visiting Members of The Geological Society
                       of America."  Humourous dinner menu.  "The
                       Russell", Ottawa, Ontario.  December 29,

MS1.3.5.9              "Presentation Address to Prof. L. W. Bailey,
                       Ph.D., F.R.S.c, From the Students of the
                       University of New Brunswick, Encoenia, May
                       30, 1907."  Tribute to Loring Woart Bailey's
                       academic commitment and concern for
                       students. Reprinted in The University
                       Monthly.  Fredericton, New Brunswick. May
                       30, 1907.

MS1.3.5.10             Biography/tribute to Loring Woart Bailey in
                       The University Monthly.  University of New
                       Brunswick students and members of the
                       Natural History Society pay tribute to
                       Loring Woart Bailey.  Fredericton, New
                       Brunswick.  May-June, 1907.

MS1.3.5.11             Address from the Associated Alumni of the
                       University of New Brunswick to Loring Woart
                       Bailey.  Fredericton.  July 6, 1907.

MS1.3.5.12             Fragment of a biography/tribute to Loring
                       Woart Bailey.  Mentions academic career,
                       contribution to education in New Brunswick.
                       The Educational Review. [1907+].

MS1.3.5.13             Harvard College records of the Class of
                       1859. 1914.

MS1.3.5.14             List of publications. Compiled by [Loring
                       Woart Bailey]. [1919+].

MS1.3.5.15             Death Certificate.  Loring Woart Bailey died
                       of old age, January 9, 1925 at 86 years of
                       age.  Fredericton, New Brunswick. January
                       13, 1925.

MS1.3.5.16             Article about the first telephone in
                       Fredericton made by John Babbitt, in
                       collaboration with Loring Woart Bailey.
                       Letter by William Whitman Bailey to Loring
                       Woart Bailey discusses early experiences
                       with the telephone. Transcript from The
                       Daily Gleaner, Fredericton, New Brunswick.
                       January 12, 1925.

MS1.3.5.17             Biographical sketch. Describes childhood,
                       education, academic career (teaching,
                       research and publishing), contributions to
                       The Geological Survey of Canada. Report of
                       Council for the year 1924-1925.  The Royal
                       Society of Canada. Ottawa, Ontario.

MS1.3.5.18             Essay on "L.W. Bailey, Pioneer Geologist in
                       the Region of Kejimkujik National Park."
                       Compiled by L.M. Cumming.  Regional and
                       Economic Geology Division.  Geological
                       Survey of Canada.  1978.  Biographical notes
                       with special emphasis on his geological work
                       in Southwestern Nova Scotia.  List of L.W. 
                       Bailey's publications.  1978.

MS1.3.5.19             Picture of Loring Woart Bailey.  Brief note
                       about the expansion of the University of New
                       Brunswick's museum under Dr. Bailey's
                       supervision.  Undated.

        MS1.3.6  Joseph Whitman Bailey

MS1.3.6.1              "Childhood at the College." by Joseph
                       Whitman Bailey.  Pastoral delight of
                       University of New Brunswick as remembered in
                       childhood.  Early reminiscences.  Undated.

MS1.3.6.2              "Rambles into the field of Ancestral
                       Research and funny anectodes." by Joseph
                       Whitman Bailey.  Genealogical notes on the
                       Bailey- Bulkeley ancestry.  Methods to
                       investigate your family's ancestry.
                       Families trace their lineage to British
                       aristocratic families.  Surnames and their
                       significance.  pp.1-42. [Boston,
                       Massachusetts].  Undated.

MS1.3.6.3              Programme.  "Second Annual Gathering of the
                       Bailey-Bayley Family Association."  Andover,
                       Mass.  August 16, 1894.

MS1.3.6.4              Programme.  "Bailey-Bayley Family
                       association.  Third Annual Gathering."
                       Groveland, Mass.  August 15, 1895.

MS1.3.6.5              Programme.  Fourth Annual Gathering of the
                       Bailey-Bayley Family Association."  Rowley,
                       Mass.  August 19, 1896.

MS1.3.6.6              Transcript of Joseph Whitman Bailey's last
                       will and testament.  Bequests majority of
                       estate to the University of New Brunswick to
                       be distributed in the form of scholarships.
                       Boston, Massachusetts.  January 16, 1930.

MS1.3.6.7              Transcript of obituary in the Telegraph- 
                       Journal and the Dailey Gleaner.
                       Biographical sketch describes his childhood,
                       education, careers and hobbies. Fredericton,
                       New Brunswick. July 12, 1932.

        MS1.3.7  Alfred Goldsworthy Bailey

MS1.3.7.1              Report card from the High School of Quebec.
                       Form II B.  Lists marks.  Quebec. October

MS1.3.7.2              Report card from the High School of Quebec.
                       Form V.  Lists marks.  Quebec. May, [?].

MS1.3.7.3              Certificate for the Navy League.  Alfred G.
                       Bailey is an Associate in the Imperial
                       Patriots Branch.  [Quebec]. March 6, 1922.

MS1.3.7.4              Programme for Encaenia of University of New
                       Brunswick, Fredericton, 1927.  Alfred
                       Goldsworthy Bailey graduates.  Fredericton,

MS1.3.7.5              School of Graduate Studies card. University
                       of Toronto, 1927-1928.  Alfred Goldsworthy
                       Bailey registered for the Degree of Masters
                       of Arts.  Toronto.  1927-1928.

MS1.3.7.6              Privileges of The City Club of Toronto
                       extended to Mr. Alfred Bailey by the
                       President and Directors of the Club.
                       Toronto. October 6, 1927.

MS1.3.7.7              Graduate membership card for Hart House,
                       University of Toronto. Toronto.  October 26,

MS1.3.7.8              Certificate from the Registrar's office at
                       the University of Toronto. Alfred
                       Goldsworthy Bailey has an M.A. degree from
                       the School of Graduate Studies, University
                       of Toronto. Toronto.  1929.

MS1.3.7.9              School of Graduate Studies card. University
                       of Toronto, 1930-31.  Alfred Goldsworthy
                       Bailey registered for a Doctor of Philosophy
                       degree. Toronto. 1930-31.

MS1.3.7.10             "Programme of the Final Oral Examination for
                       the Degree of Doctor of Philosophy." Thesis
                       summary. University of Toronto. School of
                       Graduate Studies. Toronto. May 28, 1934. (2

MS1.3.7.11             Curriculum vitae. [1952].

MS1.3.7.12             Curriculum vitae for entry in The Canadian
                       Who's Who.  [1955?].

MS1.3.7.13             Curriculum vitae.  [1956].

MS1.3.7.14             Curriculum vitae for entry in the Directory
                       of American Scholars.  [1969+].

MS1.3.7.15             Curriculum vitae. [1971].

MS1.3.7.16             Biographical sketch in Creative Canada.
                       Education, career, memberships,
                       publications. [1972].

MS1.3.7.17             Curriculum vitae for entry in the
                       International Who's Who in Poetry. 1974.

MS1.3.7.18             Curriculum vitae. [1976].

MS1.3.7.19             Curriculum vitae. [1979].

MS1.3.7.20             Curriculum vitae. [1979].

MS1.3.7.21             Biographical sketch [incomplete].
                       [Peterborough Examiner, March 14, 1981].

MS1.3.7.22             Curriculum vitae for entry in Canadian Who's
                       Who. 1983.

MS1.3.7.23             Curriculum vitae for entry in Who's Who in
                       America. Chicago, Illinois.  April 5, 1984.

MS1.3.7.24             Biographical note.  [1984].

MS1.3.7.25             Curriculum vitae for entry in Canadian Who's
                       Who. February 10, 1986.

        MS1.3.8  Drawings

MS1.3.8.1              Map of Boston, 1855. [Sent to William
                       Whitman Bailey by Loring Woart Bailey,

MS1.3.8.2              Pencil and ink drawing of a house and street
                       with five pedestrians.  Artist anon.
                       [William d'Avray Bailey?] Undated.

MS1.3.8.3              Detailed pen and ink sketch of the
                       geography/topography of Southwestern Nova
                       Scotia.  [Survey map executed by Loring
                       Woart Bailey.] Shows rivers and county
                       divisions. Undated.

MS1.3.8.4              Coloured pen and ink drawing of diclephila
                       galli [moth].  Artist anon. [Jacob Whitman
                       Bailey?]  [Loring Woart Bailey?] Undated.

MS1.3.8.5              Ink sketch, "The Mitre Mountain near
                       Monterey, Mexico."  Artist unknown.
                       [William Whitman Bailey? Loring Woart
                       Bailey?] Undated.

MS1.3.8.6              Ink sketch of an ocean liner.  Alfred
                       Goldsworthy Bailey. [1912].

        MS1.3.9  Family Map Book

MS1.3.9.1              Atlas [fragment]. Lists family names and
                       professions.  [1838-1858?]

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