Appendix B


Please note that not all items in this index appear in the series descriptions, but are included to provide increased access to materials in the Alfred Goldsworthy Bailey Fonds.
(S=Series; C=Case Number; F=File Number)

Acadians S7.C23.F1; S7.C24.F3; S9.C111.F4

Accommodations Office S12.C57.F1

Acheson, William S12.C61.F6

Ackerman, Charles S9.C112.F3

Adney, E. Tappan S8.C34.F1

Aitkin, Sir Max S12.C57.F9

Allen, C.R. S8.C34.F2

Alumni, UNB S11.C65.F2

American Council on Education S7.C21.F6

America Indigenista S3.C93; S9.C41.F4

Anderson, John M. S9.C112.F4

Anthropology Department S2.C2.F1; S2.C6.F2; S2.C8.F1-F5; S2.C9.F1-
F2; S6.C52.F4; S7.C20.F8; S9.C112.F3; S12.C57.F3

Anthropology Society, UNB  S9.C112.F2

Archaeology S12.C57.F3

Art Centre Committee S1.C1.F1  See also Faculty Fine Arts
Committee, Committee for Creative Arts, and Creative Arts Committee

Arts Council* S1.C1.F3

Arts Council* - Minutes, October 3, 1957 S1.C1.F3

Arts Council* - Minutes, 1963-1966 S12.C57.F5

Arts Council* - Minutes, 1967-1968 S12.C57.F4

Arts Council* - Minutes, 1969 S12.C58.F1

Arts Faculty  SEE Faculty of Arts 

Assistant Comptroller's Office S12.C62.F1

Associated Alumni, UNB S11.C65.F7

Association of Universities and Colleges of Canada (A.U.C.C.)

Association of University of New Brunswick Teachers (AUNBT)
S4.C113.F1; S11.C65.F8; S12.C57.F7; S12.C61.F3

Awards Office S12.C57.F8

Bailey, Alfred G. - Graduation Photograph S15.C114

Bailey, Alfred G. - Poems S3.C15.F1; S3.C55; S3.C105.F.1;

Bailey, G. Samuel S8.C34.F3-F4; S12.C60.F1

Bailey, Isaac S15.C114

Bailey, Jacob Whitman S3.C15.F3; S3.C96.F9; S12.C60.F1

Bailey, Loring Woart S3.C15.F3; S3.C95.F9; S3.C96.F8

Bailey, Loring Woart (Orzans) S8.C34.F3; S9.C39.F4

Bailey, Samuel S3.C95.F9 

Bailey, Whitman S8.C34.F5-F6

Bailey, William Whitman S3.C15.F3

Bailey Commission on the Future of the University S11.C65-C70;
S13.C88; S12.C72.F1; S12.C77.F6

Bailey Family Papers S3.C15.F3; S3.C95.F9; S12.C72.F3

Baker, Walter S12.C80.F10

Barnstead, Winnifred S8.C34.F7

Barry, J. Paul S12.C60.F7

Bassett, John S7.C21.F7; S8.C34.F8

Beaverbrook, Lord S3.C95.F6; S6.C51.F1; S8.C56.FB; S10.C45-C49

Beaverbrook Art Gallery S10.C45.F2; S10.C48.F5; S10.C49.F1, F4-F6;

Beaverbrook Overseas Scholarships S7.C21.F4; S10.C48.F4

Beaverbrook Scholarship for the Study of the Historical Relations
of New Brunswick with the State of Maine S10.C48.F2 SEE ALSO
Houston Foundation Inc.

Beaverbrook Scholarships S12.C59.F8

Bell, Alexander Graham S7.C24.F3

Belyea, Eleanor S6.C51.F2-F3, F11

Bennett Papers S7.C17.F1; S9.C40.F5; S10.C47.F1

Bennett, R.B. S7.C30.F5

Bernadette, Sister S8.C34.F9

Bibliographic Society of Canada - Minutes, 1946 S9.C44.F2

Bilingual B.A. S12.C60.F5

Bio-Engineering Institute S11.C65.F9; S12.C63.F1

Biology Department S11.C65.F10

Birney, Earle S7.C17.F4; S8.C56.FB

Bissell, Claude T. S9.C39.F4; S9.C112.F2

Bliss Carman Society S12.C64.F4; S12.C73.F2, F8

Blue, D.C. S12.C57.F1

Board of Deans  S12.C59.F10; S12.C60.F6

Board of Governors  S12.C59.F11-F12; S12.C60.F7

Bonar Law-Bennett Library S6.C51-C53; S10.C45; S11.C67.F6;
S2.C10.F5; S6.C51-C52; SEE ALSO Harriet Irving Library

Bookstore S12.C60.F8
Border River S3.C14.F1; S12.C60.F14

Brebner, J.Bartlett S8.C34.F10; S8.C34.F20

Brewster, Elizabeth S3.C14.F1; S3.C15.F1; S3.C95.F3; S4.C113.F1;
S6.C51.F3; S7.C17.F4; S9.C39.F1; S9.C111.F4

Briginshaw, Richard S12.C60.F4

Bronfman Fellowships S5.C50.F1

Brown, George S8.C34.F11

Bruner, Edward M. S2.C1.F1, S2.C2.F1

Bruner, Jerome S. S12.C62.F2

Brussels Universal and International Exhibition, 1958 S7.C17.F2

Buckner, Ernest S7.C17.F4

Budget Office S12.C60.F10-F11

Buildings and Grounds Department S12.C60.F12

Busteed, Elliott Henderson Trust Fund S12.C61.F9

Business Administration S2.C7.F7; S2.C10.F2,F4; S11.C65.F11;

Business Office S12.C60.F13

Byers, Douglas S8.C34.F12

Camp, Dalton S12.C60.F2

Campobello Island S7.C22.F2

Canada Council S7.C17.F4; S12.C61.F1

Canada Foundation S7.C17.F2-F5

Canada Manpower Centre S12.C61.F2

Canadian Association of Graduate Schools - Minutes S12.C71.F5

Canadian Association of University Teachers (C.A.U.T.) S12.C61.F3

Canadian Historical Association S7.C17.F6; S12.C61.F4

Canadian Institute of International Affairs S9.C40.F1; S12.C57.F6

Canadian Library Association S7.C18.F1-F2

Canadian Social Science Research Council S7.C19.F1-F4; S7.C20.F1,

Canadian Writers'Federation S4.C113.F1

Caraquet S7.C24.F3

Carman, Bliss S7.C20.F3, F7; S8.C35.F10; S8.C36.F12; S10.C48.F3

Carnegie Foundation S2.C20.F7-F8; S9.C42.F1

Cather, Willa S7.C24.F3

Cattley, Robert E.D. S2.C2.F3; S2.C10.F1

Centennial Building S12.C61.F5-5B

Centennial Committee S12.C61.F7

Champlain Society S7.C20.F6

Chapman, James K. S6.C51.F3; S8.C86.F4; S10.C48.F2; S11.C65.F2;

Chemical Engineering S11.C65.F12

Chemistry Department S11.C65.F13

Childe, Col. C.G. S7.C22.F1; S7.C23.F3

Civil Service Commission S7.C21.F1

Clark, Delbert S. S8.C34.F13

Clarke, George Frederick S9.C39.F5; S12.C62.F2

Classics Department S2.C2.F3; S2.C10.F1; S2.C10.F3; S11.C65.F14;

Clay, Charles S8.C34.F14

Cobbett, William S7.C29.F3

Cockburn, Robert S3.C100.F2; S4.C113.F1

Cogswell, Fred S3.C15.F1; S3.C96.F6; S7.C17.F4; S9.C39.F5;

College Ability Test Scores S12.C61.F8

Commission on Relations Between Universities and Governments

Committee for Creative Arts S1.C1.F1 SEE ALSO Arts Centre
Committee, Creative Arts Committee, and Faculty Fine Arts Committee

Committee on Freshman Foreign Language Problems S11.C66.F7

Commission on the Financing of Higher Education in New Brunswick

Commission on the Future of the University See Bailey Commission on
the Future of the University

Compilation newsletter S3.C87.F1; S12.C80.F9

Computer Centre S12.C80.F9

Comptroller's Office S12.C61.F10

Condon, Thomas S8.C86.F3; S9.C112.F4; S11.C65.F2; S12.C60.F2

Conference on the Ontario Association for Curriculum Development

Conflict of European and Eastern Algonkian Cultures, 1504-1700
S3.C100.F12; S3.C107.F1; S8.C86.F3

Convocation S12.C62.F2

Cook, James S7.C29.F3

Cook, Terry S9.C112.F3

Cooke, Edwy F. S10.C49.F6

Corry, James Alexander S12.C62.F2

Counselling Services S2.C13.F1

Creative Arts Committee S1.C1.F1; S2.C10.F5; S11.C65.F15;
S12.C76.F10 SEE ALSO Art Centre Committee, Committee for Creative
Arts, and Faculty Fine Arts Committee

"Creative Moments in the Culture of the Maritime Provinces"
S3.C14.F6; S3.C87.F2;

Creighton, Donald G. S8.C34.F15; S8.C56.FC; S12.C57.F9; S12.C60.F2

Cultural Development of Canada S3.C100.F4

Culture and Nationality S3.C100.F3, F5; S3.C107.F2

d'Avray, Baron S3.C95.F3, F9; S3.C100.F1

Dafoe Foundation Fellowship S7.C21.F2

Daniells, Roy S3.C14.F1; S7.C17.F4-F5; S7.C19.F1; S7.C31.F12;
S8.C56.FD; S9.C40.F2; S12.C60.F3

Dictionary of Canadian Biography S3.C107.F4

Dineen, J.O. S8.C56.FD; S9.C40.F2; S12.C57.F3

Director of Development S12.C62.F6

Douglas Gold Medal S12.C62.F7

Douglas, Sir Howard S10.C47.F3

Downey, James S9.C112.F4

Doyle, Arthur T. S11.C65.F2

Drew, John S12.C61.F6; S12.C61.F8

Duff-Berdehl Report on University Government in Canada S11.C66.F10

Dungarvon Whooper S7.C21.F8

Easterbrook, J.A. S12.C61.F1

Eaton, Cyrus S7.C31.F4 SEE ALSO Pugwash Conference

Economics and Political Science Department S2.C2.F4; S11.C65.F16;

Economics and Political Science Department - Annual Report, 1945-
1946 S2.C10.F4

Education Department See Faculty of Education

Elliot, G. Forbes S9.C40.F4; S11.C65.F2; S12.C78.F6

English Department S2.C7.F6; S11.C66.F3; S12.C59.F1

English Department - Annual Report, 1945-1946 S2.C10.F4

Equal Opportunity (U.N.B.) S12.C63.F6

Extension Services Department S11.C66.F4; S12.C63.F2-F3

Faculty Club S11.C66.F5; S12.C63.F6; S12.C64.F2

Faculty Club - Constitution S2.C11.F5

Faculty Fine Arts Committee S1.C1.F2; S2.C11.F5;   SEE ALSO Arts
Centre Committee, Committee for Creative Arts, and Creative Arts

Faculty Lists S12.C63.F7

Faculty - Manual S12.C63.F8; S12.C64.F1

Faculty - Regulations S12.C64.F3

Faculty Minutes S2.C10.F5; S2.C11.F1-F2,F5; S12.C64.F2 

Faculty of Arts S2.C2-13; S2.C10.F2; S2.C10.F4; S2.C11.F1;
S2.C12.F1; S2.C13.F1; S11.C65.F5; S12.C58.F2-F4

Faculty of Arts - Budget S2.C5.F1

Faculty of Arts Council SEE Arts Council

Faculty of Arts Report S2.C11.F3

Faculty of Education S2.C12.F1; S11.C66.F1; S12.C62.F10-11

Faculty of Engineering S11.C66.F2; S12.C63.F1

Faculty of Forestry S11.C66.F6; S12.C64.F6

Faculty of Law S11.C67.F5

Faculty of Nursing S2.C7.F3; S9.C39.F1; S11.C67.F9; S12.C57.F4

Faculty of Science S11.C68.F7; S12.C78.F8

Faculty Rules and Regulations S2.C11.F1-F5

Fee, Norman S8.C34.F16

Fiddlehead Magazine S6.C53.F7; S8.C37.F1; S9.C111.F5; S12.C60.F1;
S12.C64.F4; S12.C73.F1

Fidler, Peter S7.C29.F3

Fife, David S7.C29.F4, F8

Finch, Robert S8.C56.FF; S9.C40.F6

Fine Arts Committee SEE Faculty Fine Arts Committee

Firth, Frances S6.C51.F2; S7.C21.F7

Five Year Projection Plan S12.C64.F5

Flemming, Hugh John S9.C40.F7

Foster, Mrs. Garland S8.C34.F17

Foster, William Alexander S7.C18.F1

Fort La Tour S7.C29.F5

Fort York S7.C29.F5

Founders' Day  S1.C1.F2; S4.C54.F4; S7.C21.F6; S8.C34.F20;
S12.C71.F2; S12.C80.F14

Fredericton High School S12.C71.F9

Frosty Hollow S7.C24.F1

Fry, George S12.C63.F3

Frye, Northrop S9.C112.2

Gale, W.P. S15.C114

Gammon, Donald S9.C40.F9

Ganong, W.F. S3.C95.F9; S8.C56.FG

Geography Courses S2.F7.C5

Geology Department S11.C66.F8

German Department S11.C66.F9; S12.C59.F2

Glover, Richard S8.C34.F18

Gnarwoski, Michael S9.C112.F4

Goodman, Lord S12.C62.F2

Gordon, Arthur H. S10.C45.F4

Governor General's Literary Award S9.C112.F5

Graduate School SEE School of Graduate Studies

Graduate Students S5.C50.F1-4

Graham, D.S. S11.C67.F1

Graphic Services S12.C71.F7

Gregg, Milton F. S2.C11.F1; S6.C51.F2; S8.C34.F19-F20; S9.C40.F9

Gregg, Nan S6.C51.F2

Grolier Society S7.C21.F8

Group for Human Rights S12.C57.F9; S12.C72.F8

Guggenheim Foundation S7.C21.F9; S9.C40.F9

Gunn, Gertrude S6.C51.F16; S6.C53.F4; S8.C35.F2; S9.C40.F9;
S10.C48.F2; S12.C72.F3; S12.C80.F16

Gustafson, Ralph S8.C56.FG; S9.C40.F9

Hadlock, Mrs. W.S. S8.C34.F21

Halpenny, Francis S9.C111.F5

Harper, J. Russell S8.C34.F19; S10.C45.F2

Harriet Irving Library S12.C60.F2; S12.C62.F2; S12.C72.F3;
S12.C80.F16; S16.C94.F2 SEE ALSO Bonar Law-Bennett Library

Hart, Julia Catherine Beckwith S3.C96.F4; S7.C22.F1; S7.C24.F4;

Harvey, Dr. D.C. S8.C34.F22; S9.C41.F2

Hathaway, Rufus H. S8.C36.F12; S9.C44.F2

Head Quarters, 1864  S12.C72.F8

Henderson, C.E. S8.C34.F23

High School of Quebec Magazine S3.C97

Historic Houses of New Brunswick S9.C42.F1

Historic Sites and Monuments Board S7.C22.F1-C29.F8

"Historical Setting of Haliburton's Reply" S3.C100.F7;

"Historical Setting of Sara Duncan's The Imperialist" S3.C100.F8

History Department S2.C2.F5; S2.C3.F1-4; S2.C6.F2; S2.C7.F3;
S2.C8.F1, F6-F21; S2.C9.F4-F8, F10; S2.C11.F4; S3.C100.F10;
S6.C52.F4; S11.C67.F2; S11.C70.F2; S16.C94.F1; S12.C57.F9;
S12.C71.F10-F11; S12.C72.F1-F5

History 3020 Lectures (Tapes) S14.C91-92  

Holman, Derek S9.C112.F1

Hood, Mrs. Dora S8.C34.F24

Houston Endowment Inc. SEE ALSO Beaverbrook Scholarship for the
Study of the Historical Relations of New Brunswick with the State
of Maine S2.C2.F1; S8.C35.F6; S10.C48.F2

Human Rights Commission of New Brunswick S12.C72.F8

Humanities Association of Canada S7.C21.F10; S12.C72.F7

Humanities Courses S2.C7.F4

Humanities Research Council S7.C21.F10; S7.C30.F1

Information Office S12.C73.F2

Innes, Harold A. S9.C41.F5

Institute of Public Administration of Canada S7.C30.F2

Instituto Indigenista Interamericano Mexico S8.C56.FG

Irish Literature S12.C73.F3

Jarvis, Lucy S11.C65.F15

Jenness, Diamond S8.C35.F1; S8.C56.FJ

Jewish Chautauqua Society S12.C73.F4

Jones, C.C. S8.C56.FJ

Kavanagh, R.J. S12.C71.F1-F2

Keirstead, W.C. S8.C56.FK; S12.C60.F3

Ketchum, Henry G.C. S3.C14.F2

King's College S3.C96.F2

Kipling, Rudyard S10.C47.F3

Klinck, Carl S3.C14.F3-F4; S9.C41.F8; S9.C111.F4; S9.C112.2  SEE
ALSO Literary History of Canada

La Coupe Dry Dock S7.C23.F1; S7.C24.F1; S7.C29.F7

La Forest, G.V. S12.C71.F1

Lady Davis Foundation S7.C19.F2; S7.C21.F4; S7.C30.F4

Lamb, W. Kaye S6.C51.F16; S8.C35.F2; S12.C76.F2

Lanctot, Gustave S8.C35.F3

Layton, Irving S7.C17.F5

Leacock, Stephen S7.C17.F3

Lecture Notes S13.C88, 98-99,101-103; S14.C91-92

Librairie Ducharme S7.C21.F3

Library Committee S6.C51.F16; S6.C52.F3-F4

Literary History of Canada S3.C87.F2; S3.C108.F1-2; S12.C73.F7, F9-
F11, S12.C74.F1-F2 SEE ALSO Klinck, Carl

Literary Memories of Alfred Goldsworthy Bailey S3.C108.F3

Livesay, Dorothy S12.C61.F7; S12.C73.F8

Love, R.J. S2.C10.F2; S12.C71.F9; S12.C62.F9-F11; S12.C63.F2-F3

Loyalist Programme S12.C75.F13

Loyalists S4.C113.F1

McAllister, George A. S8.C35.F4-F5

McClelland, Jack S3.C14.F1; S9.C42.F3; S9.C111.F2

McFeat, Tom F. S2.C2.F1; S3.C96.F1; S8.C35.F8

McIlwraith, Professor Thomas Forsythe S2.C1.F1; S7.C19.F1;
S8.C35.F9; S8.C56.FMc,Mac; S9.C112.F3; S12.C60.F3

McLeod, Edith S8.C35.F3-F4

McNair, J.B. S8.C35.F5

Macaulay, B.F. S8.C35.F6; S12.C64.F5; S12.C84.F5

MacBeath, Allan S8.C35.F7; S9.C42.F2

MacBeath, George S7.C32.F2; S8.C86.F7; S12.C57.F3; S12.C75.F6

MacEacheron, James F. S7.C31.F2; S9.C42.F2

MacIntosh, William S7.C32.F4

Mackay, Colin B. S1.C1.F3; S2.C2.F1, S2.C2.F2; S2.C10.F1;
S6.C51.F16-F17; S8.C35.F10; S8.C86.F6; S9.C42.F3; S9.C111.F1
(personal correspondence)* ; S15.C114; S12.C75.F9;

Mackenzie, Norman A.M. S8.C36.F1, S12.C75.F4, F6

Mackirdy, Kenneth A. S8.C35.F2

Mackinnon, Frank S7.C19.F1  SEE ALSO Survey on Research in Social
Sciences in the Maritime Provinces

MacLennan, Hugh S7.C21.F10

MacLeod, Pegi Nichol S11.C65.F15

MacNaughton, Katherine S8.C35.F6

MacNutt, W.S. S8.C36.F7; S9.C42.F2; S11.C65.F5; S12.C57.F3-F4;
S12.C60.F9; S12.C64.F5

Mahan, Chester S12.C57.F3; S12.C61.F10

Maher, Edward S2.C2.F2

"Main Currents in Western Thought" S3.C14.F5

Maine Historical Society S7.C30.F6

Majors Programme S12.C75.F2

Malecite Indians S7.C19.F2; S7.C20.F8

Manny, Louise S9.C42.F1

Maritime University Council S7.C19.F7

Martin, Burns S8.C36.F8

Mathematics Department S2.C7.F2; S11.C67.F7; S12.C59.F3

Maxwell, Lillian S9.C42.F5

Meagher, John W. S11.C65.F2

Mechanics Institutes S8.C34.F22; S9.C39.F5

Meldrum, Wendell Wynn S12.C62.F2

Meyers, G.P. S12.C57.F8

Michael, Sister Alice S12.C75.F5

Milham, Mary Ella S2.C2.F3

Military History S12.C75.F3

"Military History of Pictou County" S12.C75.F4

Miner, Muriel Miller S8.C36.F9

Miramichi Lightning: Collected Poems S9.C112.F5

Mitchell, Peter S7.C22.F4; S7.C23.F2; S7.C24.F3

Modern Languages S2.C4.F1

Morrow, James C. S9.C42.F4

Muskie, Edmund S. S12.C73.F2

Myo-Electric Control Systems S11.C65.F9

National Conference of Canadian Universities - Minutes, 1946-1947

National Film Society S7.C30.F8

National Library Advisory Council S7.C30.F9; S8.C35.F2

National Library Committee S7.C30.F9; S7.C31.F1; S8.C35.F2

New Brunswick Department of Education S1.C1.F3; S2.C11.F5;
S6.C52.F1; S8.C35.F10; S8.C36.F11; S12.C71.F9; S12.C62.F9;

New Brunswick Higher Education Commission S12.C62.F11; S12.C64.F5

New Brunswick Library Association S6.C53.F1; S7.C31.F2

New Brunswick Library Service S6.C52.F1; S9.C42.F2

New Brunswick Museum S2.C10.F2-F3; S7.C32.F1-F4; S12.C75.F7

New Brunswick Museum Act, 1952 S7.C22.F1

New Brunswick Nurses' Association. Educational Policy Committee
Minutes, 1953 S9.C40.F5

New Brunswick Nurses' Association. Working Committee on Nursing
Education - Minutes, 1954 S9.C42.F6

New Brunswick Provincial Archives  SEE Provincial Archives of New

New Brunswick Teachers' College S2.C10.F2; S2.C11.F5; S12.C62.F10;

New Brunswick Tree Commission S7.C33.F4

Noranda Lectures S12.C75.F8

Northrup, E. Marjory S8.C36.F10

O'Sullivan, J.F. S12.C62.F11

Odell, Harry A. S9.C43.F1

Odell, Jonathan S3.C96.F3

Old Arts Building S7.C24.F1
Old Government House (Fredericton, N.B.) S7.C23.F1-2; S12.C76.F1

"On the Nature of the Distinction between the French and the
English in Canada: An Anthropological Enquiry" S3.C87.F2

Ontario Choral Federation S9.C112.F1

Order of Canada S9.C112.F4; S16.C94, C104.F2

"Origins of the Study of History in the University of New
Brunswick" S3.C100.F10

Pacey, Desmond S3.C15.F1; S3.C100.F11; S8.C56.FP; S9.C43.F2;
S11.C66.F3; S12.C71.F1-F2; S12.C64.F4; S12.C64.F5; S12.C80.F14

Pach, Joseph S12.C76.F8

Parkin, George S3.C95.F9

Paterson, Dr. A.P. S8.C36.F11

Patterson, Stephen S2.C3.F2

Pearson, Lester B. S9.C44.F3

Personnel Office S12.C75.F12

Philosophy Department S2.C4.F2; S12.C59.F4

Photographs S15.C114

Physical Education Department S11.C67.F14

Physics Department S11.C67.F12

Pierce, Lorne S8.C35.F10; S8.C36.F12; S9.C43.F2

Pinsky, Alfred S9.C43.F3

Playhouse S10.C49.F3; S12.C60.F2

Portland Point S7.C24.F3; S7.C32.F2

Post-Doctoral Fellowships S12.C71.F1

Pre-Medical Education at UNB S12.C76.F4

President's Office - 1967 S12.C75.F14

President's Office - 1968 S12.C75.F13

Priestman, Bryan S8.C34.F20; S9.C43.F3; S12.C60.F9

Prizes S12.C76.F5

Provincial Archives of New Brunswick S11.C68.F1; S12.C57.F9;

Psychology and Education Department - Annual Report, 1946 S2.C10.F4

Psychology and Sociology Department S2.C4.F3; S2.C10.F3; S9.C43.F7
See also Psychology Department

Psychology Department S11.C67.F13; S12.C59.F5

Public Archives of Canada S7.C31.F3

Pugwash Conference S7.C31.F4  SEE ALSO Eaton, Cyrus

Pullman, Douglas S2.C2.F1; S12.C57.F3; S12.C60.F4

Purchasing Office S12.C76.F6

Raddall, Thomas H. S9.C43.F5

Raymond, W.O. S8.C36.F13; S9.C43.F5

Registrar's Office S12.C77.F4-F5; S12.C78.F3

Registrar's Report, 1946 S2.C11.F1

Report of the Committee on Women's Residences S2.C10.F4

Report of the President, 1950-1951 S2.C10.F4

Research and Productivity Council S11.C68.F2; S12.C63.F1 

Residences S11.C68.F3

"Retrospective Thoughts of an Ethnohistorian" S3.C108.F4

Richardson, Arthur St. George S12.C60.F2

Richler, Mordecai S7.C17.F4

Robb, James S3.C95. F5; S3.C100.F13; S3.C108.F5; S9.C112.F3

Roberts, Sir Charles G.D. S7.C31.F5; S15.C114

Roberts, Mary Fanton S9.C43.F4

Roberts, Theodore Goodridge S8.C34.F14; S9.C43.F2-F3

Rockefeller Foundation S2.C11.F3-F4; S6.C1.F2; S7.C20.F4;

Rogers, A. Robert S6.C51.F2; S6.C52.F1; S6.C52; S8.C37.F1;

Romance Languages Department S11.C68.F4; S12.C59.F6

Roosevelt, Franklin D. S7.C24.F1  SEE ALSO Campobello Island

Ross, Malcolm S3.C14.F1; S3.C95.F7; S7.C33.F3; S8.C37.F2;
S8.C56.FR; S8.C86.F2; S9.C111.F3; S9.C111.F5; S9.C112.F4;
S12.C57.F1; S12.C60.F1; S12.C61.F7; S12.C78.F2

Rothberger, Fritz S8.C37.F3

Royal Society of Canada S7.C33.F1-F3; S12.C77.F7; S12.C78.F1

Ruthven, D.M. S12.C71.F1

Saint John Campus, UNB S12.C78.F5

Saint Thomas University S12.C78.F7

Sanger, David S12.C57.F3

School of Graduate Studies S11.C68.F6; S12.C71.F1-F6

School of Nursing See Faculty of Nursing

Scott, F.R. S9.C43.F6-F7

Scott, Sir Walter S10.C47.F3

Senate S3.C87.F1; S12.C79.F1-F3; S12.C83.F3; S12.C84.F1-F2

Senate Committees - Academic Planning and Campus Development

Senate Committees - Admissions Committee S12.C80.F1

Senate Committees - Athletics Committee S12.C80.F3

Senate Committees - Awards Committee S12.C80.F4

Senate Committees - Budget Committee S12.C80.F5

Senate Committees - Calendar Committee S12.C80.F6

Senate Committees - Ceremonies Committee S12.C80.F7

Senate Committees - Committee on Appointment S12.C80.F2

Senate Committees - Committee on the Composition of Senate

Senate Committees - Computer Centre Committee S12.C80.F9

Senate Committees - Curriculum Committee S12.C80.F11

Senate Committees - Examinations Committee S12.C80.F12

Senate Committees - Facilities and Services Committee S12.C80.F13

Senate Committees - Founders' Day Committee S12.C80.F14

Senate Committees - Lecture Series Committee S12.C80.F15

Senate Committees - Library Committee S12.C80.F16

Senate Committees - Residences Committee S12.C80.F18

Senate Committees - Summer School and Extension Operations

Senate Committees - Timetable Committee S12.C80.F20

Shaw, Alvin S12.C60.F5; S12.C61.F7

Smith, A.J.M. S9.C43.F7

Smith, Albert S7.C22.F1; S7.C24.F1

Smith, Leonard Campbell S2.C2.F3; S12.C58.F7

Snodgrass, Florence S9.C43.F7  SEE ALSO Psychology and Sociology

Social Sciences S12.C80.F21

Sociology Department S12.C59.F7

Souster, Raymond S8.C56.FS; S9.C43.F6-F7

St. Croix Island S7.C23.F1

St. Laurent, Louis S7.C30.F1

Stanley, George S16.C104.F1

Stanmore, Lord S10.C45.F4

Strax Affair S12.C60.F5, F7; S12.C59.F11; S12.C64.F2; S12.C80.F22

Strax, Norman S12.C60.F5, F7; S12.C59.F11; S12.C64.F2; S12.C80.F22

Student Christian Movement S11.C69.F1

Student Representative Council (SRC) S11.C69.F2; S12.C61.F7;
S12.C79.F1; S12.C81.F6-F8

Student Union Building S12.C80.F23

Summer School S11.C69.F3; S12.C81.F10

"Survey on Research in Social Sciences in the Maritime Provinces"
S7.C19.F1  SEE ALSO Mackinnon, Frank

Surveying Engineering Department S11.C66.F2; S11.C69.F4

Teachers' College SEE New Brunswick Teachers' College

Thanks for a Drowned Island S3.C105.F3; S9.C112.F1; S9.C112.F5

Thompson, Kent S12.C64.F4

Thompson, Moira S6.C51.F1-F3; S10.C46.F1

Thurrott, J.H. S8.C37.F4

Tilley Hall S12.C57.F5; S12.C81.F14

"Towards a Ecumenical Ethnohistory" S3.C109.F1

Toynbee, Arnold S9.C44.F2; S13.C98, C99.F7; S12.C81.F15

Tremaine, Marie S9.C44.F2

Trueman, A.W. S2.C2.F1; S2.C11.F5; S7.C20.F8; S8.C37.F5-F6

Tunis, Albert S7.C19.F2  

Turnbull, Wallace Rupert S7.C29.F6

Tweedie, Robert A. S9.C44.F2; S9.C45.F1

University Act S12.C82.F1

University Affairs, 1966  S11.C66.F10

University Committee S12.C82.F2-F4

University Council Minutes S6.C53.F3 (1956); S12.C82.F5; S12.C83.F1

University of Maine S12.C75.F1

University of New Brunswick Financial Report S2.C6.F2; S12.C60.F13

University of New Brunswick Financial Statement S2.C9.F8

"University of New Brunswick: Its Unique and Exclusive Status as
the Provincial University" S8.C35.F10

University of New Brunswick Memorial Volume S3.C14.F2-F3

University of New Brunswick Observatory S7.C22.F1; S7.C24.F1;

University of New Brunswick Saint John S11.C68.F5

University of New Brunswick the Decade Ahead: An Investment in
Strength and Quality  S11.C69.F6

University of Toronto Press S7.C33.F5; S8.C34.F11; S12.C84.F3

University Publishing Service S12.C83.F2

University Research Fund S12.C71.F2

Vaughan, Estelle S8.C38.F1

Vaughan, Jean S8.C38.F2 

Vice-President (Administration) S12.C84.F5

Virginia S12.C85.F6

Visiting Lecturers' Fund S12.C84.F6-F10; S12.C85.F1-F4

Walker, William T. S12.C61.F9

War Service Badge S16.C104.F1

Water Resources Research Centre S12.C79.F1

Webster, John Clarence S7.C24.F1; S7.C29.F3; S7.C32.F3-F4;
S8.C38.F3; S8.C56.FV; S12.C60.F3

Webster, William S8.C38.F4; S9.C44.F5

Williams-Taylor, Sir F. S8.C38.F5

Winslow, Edward S7.C22.F2, F5; S7.C29.F3

Winslow Papers S7.C22.F2; S7.C32.F2-F3; S10.C47.F3

Woodhouse, A.S.P. S7.C30.F1

Wright, Esther Clark S8.C34.F11; S10.C48.F3

Young, Murray S3.C96.F8; S4.C113.F1; S8.C86.F4


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