Letter from Peter McArthur to R. H. Hathaway, June 26, 1922

Author: McArthur, Peter, 1866-1929.

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Letter from Peter McArthur to R. H. Hathaway, June 26, 1922

Author: Peter McArthur

1 p.

Source copy consulted: Harriet Irving Library, Archives and Special Collections.

The Rufus Hathaway Collection of Canadian literature

Recipient: R. H. Hathaway.

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English nonfiction; prose masculine Special Collections McArthur, Peter, 1866-1924 -- Correspondence Hathaway, R. H. (Rufus Hawtin), 1869-1933 -- Correspondence LCSH

Letter from Peter McArthur to R. H. Hathaway, June 26, 1922

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June 26th, 1922.
Dear Hathaway:

Have just received a good letter from
he appears to be in great form. It seems that he intended going
out in a company for
Goldenbut an attack of leurisy intervened.
He does not intend lecturing in
Canada this year but is planning
a tour of the Coast states, U.S.A. in November and December He is also
lanning to spend September and October in the
Canadian Rockies, I
suspect as the guest of the Canadian Pacific Railway for their publicity Department once
mentioned such a scheme to me. He expects
Gov. Nichol of British Columbia to
join him there and if he doesnit should be quite a par ty, for I
have known both
Bliss Carman and
Walter nichol intimately enough
to know how they will forgather. Some party all right.

Best of all
Carman says that he is pouring out lyrics
that he thinks well of.
Nichol has bought some for the
Province. None of them has reached me through the clipping
bureau so I suppose they have not been published yet.

The novel is now well under way and I am darned if I
am not beginning to suspect that I have some unexpected talent as
a story-writer. I m keeping up to the Old Sleuth formula of
having something happen every thousand words and the story is
all working out in dialogue and action. There are few descriptions
and no psychology. It is a straight propagandist story for life
insurance. If any critic mentions art in connection with it I
will visit him personally to beat him up. The literary side of the
venture is not being bothered with. I am an advertising writer and
glory in my shame.

As ever,
Peter McArthur