Letter from Peter McArthur to R. H. Hathaway, March 25, 1920

Author: McArthur, Peter, 1866-1924.

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Letter from Peter McArthur to R. H. Hathaway March 25, 1920

Author: Peter McArthur

2 p.

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The Rufus Hathaway Collection of Canadian literature

Recipient: R. H. Hathaway.

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English nonfiction; prose masculine Special Collections McArthur, Peter, 1866-1924 -- Correspondence Hathaway, R. H. (Rufus Hawtin), 1869-1933 -- Correspondence LCSH

Letter from Peter McArthur to R. H. Hathaway, March 25, 1920

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March 25th '20.
Dear Hathaway:

I'll time my talk on

Carman for 20 minutes; but if the audience
seems interested I have enough material
to draw on to go to the limit of half
an hour.

I never acted as auctioneer but
once and that was sprung on me at
a moments notice. If you want me
to do the auctioning I'll prepare the
kind of patter used by country auctioneers
and try to make it as lively as possible.
It will be best to have the pictures
on an easel placed on the stage
so that I can get at them quickly
at the end of the talk, without any
introduction by the chairman.

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The difficulty will be to hold the
attention of the audience after
is done. It will require rapid fire
talk and action; but if the pictures
are where I can get at them
instantly I may be able to do it.

Send one of the tickets to my

Miss Clara Waters.
37 Keele st.

Send the other to me at the
Walker House, marked “to be called
for.” I expect my son to meet
me there.

I expect to arrive at
The Walker
about 5 o-clock Wednesday. I know my way
Convocation Hall and if the
tickets are attended to every thing
will be O.K.

Yours faithfully Peter McArthur