Letter from Mitchell Kennerly to R. H. Hathaway, July 1, 1924 : a machine readable transcription.

Author: Mitchell, Kennerly, 1878-1950

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Letter from Mitchell Kennerly to R. H. Hathaway, July 1, 1924.

Author: Mitchell Kennerley


The Rufus Hathaway collection of Canadian literature. Vertical file. Folder 629.

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Letter form Mitchell Kennerly to R. H. Hathaway, July 1, 1924

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July First 1924

Mr. R. H. Hathaway,
258 Garden Avenue,

Toronto, Canada.
Dear Mr. Hathaway:

I return your Bibliography herewith. You have done a
splendid job. I am upset to find the number of items I have not got. I
could have bought a lot of them in the Quinn sale, but it was no use
bidding against
Drake who had orders to buy from

Please disregard the little crosses and circles, I which I have made.
The crosses represent what I have, and the circles what Quinn had.

I have made a few slight corrections with my copies before me.

I am sending you herewith , with my compliments, a copy of "An Open
an off-print from the New Canaan Advertiser,
15 Oct. 1920.
got about twenty copies, one of which he inscribed to me, and he also sent
the uniscribed copy I am sending you.

I do hope your publishers will bring out this Bibliography.

I have not been able to answer some of your queries, and I suggest that
you write to
Mr. Leslie E. Bliss, Care the Huntington Library, San Gabriel,

California, who I am sure will be very pleased to send you descriptions of
any books they have. I sent you a list of the Drake purchases in the Quinn
sale, all of which went to them, and they already had a fairly complete collection

Yours faithfully,
Mitchell Kennerly