Letter from Mitchell Kennerley to R. H. Hathaway, November 16, 1907 : a machine-readable transcription.

Author: Kennerley, Mitchell, 1878-1950

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About the original source:

Letter from Mitchell Kennerley to Rufus Hathaway, November 16, 1907.

Author: Mitchell Ketterley

1 p.

The Rufus Hathaway collection of Canadian literature. Vertical file. Folder 629.

This is a signed, typescript letter to Rufus Hathaway. Original ink was variable in darkness with some areas of light inking. Typographic errors were corrected in the original letter by erasing and typing over wrong spelling. Recipient: Rufus Hathaway

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116 East 28th Street

New York

November 16, 1907 R.H.Hathaway, Esquire,
200 McCaul Street,
Toronto, Canada
Dear Sir;

Thank you for your check for the books. I was much
interested in your letter, and hope that before long you
will be in New York and that I shall have the pleasure
of meeting you.

I was very much interested in the clipping you kindly
send me, which I will keep if I may? The authorship of the
verses has never been acknowledged, and this is the first
I had seen of this suggestion.

The little VISION OF SAPPHO which you have I privately
printed for Mr. Carman some years ago, is quite scarce now and
brings five dollars at auction here. The copy you have I
gave to Mr. Hardy, who was in my employ at the time. Have
you nothing else by Carman? His complete works are issued
in two of the most beautiful volumes ever printed, folio
size, hand-made paper. If you are interested at any time I
can send you a set on approval at ten dollars a set — it
is published at fifteen dollars net, but I bought several
sets at a reduced price. Or there are several single
volumes by Carman to be bought for one dollar a volume,
and I can send you some of these on approval if you like.

I may be in Toronto before long, in which case I
will let you know.

Yours faithfully,
Mitchell Kennerley