Letter from R. H. Hathaway to Frederic Sherman, September 10, 1930

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Author: Hathaway, R.H. (Rufus Hawtin), 1869-1933

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Letter from R. H. Hathaway to Frederic Sherman, September 10, 1930

Author: Rufus Hathaway

3 p.

Print copy consulted: The Harriet Irving Library, Archives and Special Collections, The Rufus Hathaway Collection of Canadian Literature, Vertical file. Folder 573.

The Rufus Hathaway collection of Canadian literature.

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Recipient: Frederic Sherman

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Letter from R. H. Hathaway to Frederic Sherman, September 10, 1930

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Toronto 2,
Sept. 10, 1930

Mr. F. F. Sherman, 578 Madison Ave., New York City, N.Y. Dear Mr. Sherman:

Many thanks for the copy of your little
Carman memorial. It is a fine piece of work, both as a
tribute to our lost friend, and as a piece of printing,
and I am more than glad to have a copy. I wish, however,
that you had inscribed it, as that would have added greatly
to its personal value to me.

I must apologize for not having acknowledged
the receipt of your letter of July 20, and would explain my
delay in doing so as due to my desire to get for you the
names of all Carman's personal friends in Canada and elsewhere that I could. These, as I hardly need to say, are
legion and include many of whom I have no knowledge. I
therefore got into consultation with my friend
Dr. Lorne
Pierce of the
Ryerson Press,
Toronto, who is now engaged in
writing the official life of
Carman, and who, to this end,
has obtained Carman letters from friends almost the whole
world over. The result of this and other enquiries which
I set on foot was that I had prepared a tentative list of in
the neighborhood of fifty names.

It is out of the question, of course, for
me to send you this list now, in view of the fact that the
issue of your memorial is limited to fifty copies, and so I
have condensed it to fifteen names and send it to you herewith.

By the way, it will interest you to know
that I have discovered that Carman's first broadsheet was
not issued until well on in 1888, though just when it was
issued I am still uncertain. This is proved by the fact
that Carman's own record of the writing of his poems from

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--2-- 1885 until 1903--which it has been my privilege to
examine--shows that three of the poems contained in the
broadsheet were written in 1888, the last namely, "Stir,"
in May of that year.

I should add that only three of the eight
persons [whose] names appear on the list which you enclosed
with your letter of July 30 are still living, and that one
of them —
Mr. MacTavish— was never close enough to Carman
to be called a personal friend.

Yours truly,


R. H. Hathaway
258 Garden Ave., Toronto 3, Ont.
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List of Carman's Personal Friends

Dr. Chas. G.D. Roberts
Ernescliffe Apartments, Sherbourne St., Toronto

William Carman Roberts
Literary Digest, New York City

Dr. Lorne Pierce

Ryerson Press, Toronto

M. O. Hammond
148 Albany Ave., Toronto

Theodore Goodridge Roberts
Fredericton, New Brunswick

Mitchell Kennerley
489 Park Ave., New York City

Odell Shepard

Trinity College, Hartford, Connecticut

J. Murray Gibbon
Publicity Department,
Canadian Pacific Railway, Montreal

Dr. W. F. Ganong

Smith College, Northampton, Massachusetts

W. Irving Way
446 Bradbury Bldg., Los Angeles, California

H. G. Wade
Western Municipal News, Winnipeg, Manitoba

Nathan Van Patten
Stanford University Libraries, California

A.M. Pound
Vancouver, British Columbia

Miss Mary Ingram
Acadia University, Halifax, Nova Scotia

John Riddington
University of British Columbia,
Point Grey, British Columbia

NOTE: Last two are included because libraries of which they are heads
have good Carman collections, and memorial, consequently, would be preserved for all time.