Letter from R. H. Hathaway to Mitchell Kennerley, July 10, 1924 : a machine-readable transcription.

Author: Hathaway, Rufus Hawtin, 1869-1933

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Letter from R. H. Hathaway to Mitchell Kennerley, July 10, 1924.

Author: Rufus Hathaway

2 p.

The Rufus Hathaway collection of Canadian literature. Vertical file. Folder 535.

This letter does not contain the author's name; it is inferred from the content, and from the sender's address contained in the letter's closing.
Recipient: Mitchell Kennerley.

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Letter from R. H. Hathaway to Mitchell Kennerley, July 10, 1924

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July 101924

Mr. Mitchell Kennerley,

489 Park Avenue,

New York, N.Y.
Dear Mr Kennerly:

I want to thank you for your generous help in connection with my

Carman bibliography, though I must confess I am more than surprised that you
had only one addition to make to it. You understand, of course, that I have
not even all the things which I did not mark with a query.
Sherman gave me a
good deal of information about some of the things I have not got and I got
details of others of these from the
Quinn catalogue and from other sources,
so that the things about which I really needed information [were] comparatively
few in number. I thank you also for the copy of the offprint of "An Open
Letter". I have a copy of the
New Canaan paper in which this was first
printed, but knew nothing of the offprint until I received your copy.

I also am grateful for the [magazine] clippings you have sent me. I had
already copies of some of them, and will pass the duplicates on to my friend,

Dr. Pierce, who is trying hard to get together a decent
Carman collection.

I have written
Mr. Bliss, of the
Huntingdon Library, as you suggest.
I have offered to send him the Ms. of my bibliography on the chance that he
may get information of use to him from it in exchange for any addition or
corrections he may be able to make.

I certainly would appreciate it if you should send me a copy of "Sappho:
as this is one of the things I sorely lack. Unfortunately, however,
I have no duplicates to send you in exchange, though I could let you have a
copy of the
Carman calendar of 1910 if you cared for it. This calendar was

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got out by my brother, who gave me two copies. I have seen no others since.

I notice that you have a query against "Echoes from Vagabondia," of
which I detail three issues. I have a copy of the first issue with
as well as
Carman's name on the front cover, and a friend here has one with
man's name raised over the two names.

I had forgotten to give the points of the first issue of "Later Poems"
and have remedied the matter now.

With renewed thanks for your generous help, I am
Yours truly,
Addres:258 Garden Ave. Encl.