Letter from Rufus Hathaway to Mitchell Kennerley, August 25, 1923 : a machine-readable transcription.

Author: Hathaway, Rufus Hawtin, 1869-1933

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Letter from Rufus Hawtin Hathaway to Mitchell Kennerley, August 25, 1923.

Author: Rufus Hawtin Hathaway


The Rufus Hathaway collection of Canadian literature. Vertical file. Folder 535.

Recipient: Mitchell Kennerley

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Letter from Rufus Hathaway to Mitchell Kennerley, August 25, 1923

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Aug. 25, 1923.

Mr.Mitchell Kennerley,
489 Park Avenue,
New York, N.Y.
Dear Mr. Kennerley:

You sent me a year ago Christmas a card containing
Carman's poem,
"Vestigia," and a reproduction of a photograph of him which was taken in

British Columbia, but I am unable now to lay hands on it. Could I ask you to
be so good as to send me another?

McClelland & Stewart are publishing
Odell Shephard's study of
this fall, and I an revising
Sherman's check list and bringing it up to date
for inclusion in the volume, and naturally require the Christmas card referred to in that connection. I think I can increase
Sherman's list considerably.

By the way, do you consider that anthologies and other publications in
which poems of
Carman's have appear prior to their inclusion in his regular
volumes should find a place in such a check list? There are, of course, some
anthologies which must be included - for example, "Later Canadian Poems,"
published in Toronto in 1893, prior to the publication of "Low Tide," and
including poems which appeared in that and later volumes; but it seems to me
that such other anthologies, as
Braithwaite's magazine verse anthologies, not
to speak, of your own"Lyric Year," should properly find a place in any

Carman check list offering itself as complete.

It has just occured to me that it would be a fine thing if you would
Shephard's study in association with McClelland & Stewart. It may be
that Small Maynard & co. are to do this, but it may be, too, that no arrang
ments have been made or proposed in that connection. You might write
McClelland & Stewart [direct] about the matter, or, if you prefer, I shall

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sound them, or, at any rate, find out whether or not it is proposed that
Small, Maynard & Co. shall come in on the book.

Yours truly,
Address: 258 Garden Ave.