Letter from R. H. Hathaway to Peter McArthur, April 26, 1920

Author: Hathaway, R. H. (Rufus Hawtin), 1869-1933

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Letter from R. H. Hathaway to Peter McArthur, April 26, 1920

Author: R. H. Hathaway

2 p.

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The Rufus Hathaway Collection of Canadian literature

Recipient: Peter McArthur.

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Letter from R. H. Hathaway to Peter McArthur, April 26, 1920

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April 26, I920

Mr. Peter McArthur,

My dear McArthur:

Just time to tell you that I received your letter of
April 23 today and that your news about
Carman has in effect given me a new lease
of life. It is certainly fine to know that “Richard is himself again,
or sufficiently so at any rate to feel himself able to pay his long
promised and long anticipated visit, and also to come on to

I did not get your letter early enough today to see
Bridle and the
other Club officers regarding your suggestion that we invite
Carman to
be our guest at luncheon during his visit here. I'll get after them to —
morrow, however, and feel sure that the suggestionwill be hailed with

By the way,
Col. Geo. Ham, of the
C.P.R., was at the Club today and
I could not resist the opportunity of showing him your letter, and asking
if he could assist towards getting transportation for
Carman while he was
Canada. He seemed to favor the thing, although he said there were
difficulties in the way, and asked me to write him a letter at
which I am doing.

I suppose I hardly need to say that I wish I could have been with
you when you were going through your
Carman stuff. There is nothing,
indeed, which I should have liked better. You evidently have a whale of
a lot of this stuff, and among it things I have never seen,nor even

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heard of.

I once saw a copy of "The Girl in the Poster" in the hands of a
York dealer, but the price he asked for it gave me a cold fit.

Have you had any word from
Kennerley as to your suggestion that
certain of your
Carman letters, manuscripts, etc. be sold for the enefit
of Carman. I fancy it is too late in the season now to arrange such a

As to your inquiry about the Chapbook, this so far as I know is not
much sought after at present, but perhaps a full set would have a good
auction value. I have about half the numbers myself, and have been
trying to get the others, but they do not often turn up.

I cannot help adding that I am sorry in a way that
Carman is coming
as the guest of
Alan Sullivan, for I am afraid
Sullivan will seek to
“hog” him, and in any event will exploit him all he can, as is his wont,
for his own purposes.

Yours truly,