Letter from Bliss Carman to Rufus Hathaway, August 18, 1924: a machine-readable transcription.

Author: Carman, Bliss, 1861-1929

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Letter from Bliss Carman to Rufus Hathaway, August 18, 1924.

Author: Bliss Carman

in pages

Print copy consulted: Harriet Irving Library, Archives and Special Collections, The Rufus Hathaway Collection of Canadian Literature, Folder number 463.

The Rufus Hathaway Collection of Canadian Literature.

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English non-fiction; prose Carman, Bliss,1861-1929--Correspondence Hathaway, R.H. (Rufus Hawtin),1869-1933--Correspondence Manuscript pages
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Twilight Park

Haines Falls,
New York

My dear
Hathaway :

I have just got round to
reading your book in the MS.
I fear you overestimate my
modest ( or at least moderate ! )
powers, but I don't propose
to slash the thing on that
account, for I am not afraid
of being thought a swallower
of fulsome praise, and your
very sincerity would make the
idea foolish enough.


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If you have overestimated
these immortal WORKS,
the "hungry generations"
will settle that in short
order. All I think about
is your perdurable friendship, and the evidence of it
in such love — labor as this
book. Beyond a few minor
slips, noted as I read, I
haven't a criticism to make.
All I can say is , may it
help us both, as it should !

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To say nothing of helping

Pierce with his series.

More important though
is this : our days in

Muskoka. The priviledge of
happy companionship in
peace and beauty out of
doors was rare, and will
be forever prized under this
fuzzy thatch. A great time !
I was very much touched by
reception, and send — off, and
all the hearty kindness
of the whole holiday.

I shall have a few MSS.

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to send you soon — first
drafts etcetera of new things,
if you care for them. If only
you were a
John Quinn !
Then I could soak you for
them good and plenty.

Yours as ever

Bliss Carman