Letter from Bliss Carman to Rufus Hathaway, April 25, 1918: a machine-readable transcription.

Author: Carman, Bliss,1861-1929

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Letter from Bliss Carman to Rufus Hathaway, April 25, 1918.

Author: Bliss Carman

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English non-fiction; prose Carman, Bliss,1861-1929--Correspondence Hathaway, R.H. (Rufus Hawtin),1869-1933--Correspondence Manuscript pages
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New Canaan,

My dear
Mr. Hathaway :

Many thanks for your good
wishs for the 15th ! It was
very nice to hear from you again
and to be reminded of your unfailing graciousness.

I must send you some information on The Vigilantes —
It is an organization of writers
artists & others for patriotic
propaganda here, and carries
in a very extensive newspaper

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syndicate. We have 70 or 80
of the leading writers here pledged
to give so much of their time
to our service. All their contributions, of course, are [gratuitous]
and the newspapers get the
service free. Our current expences are met by voluntary
subscription, and they are not
small, as our work necessitates
a lot of printing & postage as
well as rent and office
price etcetera


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I am giving all my time to
it, and am one of the Editors
at the
New York headquarters.

We are entirely non — partizans
and independent, but work in
co — operation with the Government
whenever they require our
help on such things as promoting Loans, selling Thrift
Stamps, aiding Red Cross etcetera etcetera .
We are only brief newspaper
stuff. But many of the best
articles by our members appear

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in magazines in the regular
way. I shall have two or
three considerable poems
in Saturday Evening Post and
McClure's before long, bearing
on the war.

Yes, I am thankful the
N.S. got in at last. All my
friends there were greviously
shamed at her unpardonable
delay. The blame should all
be laid on
Mr. Wilson, where
history will put it.


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You will read a lot of twadder
about him as the "Interpreter
of America". That's all
rubbish. He couldn't interpret
anything. The people of this
country could never be interpreted by a cold sluggish
pedant, who never by any
chance gets warmed up
unless he is censured and
his own allegations called
in question. I call him one
of the greatest calamities that
ever happened to the N.S.


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If there had been a red — blooded
man in the White House
three years ago, the war would
have been over now. The one
most baneful influence in world
affairs next to the
has been
Woodrow Wilson.
Why ? Because his self opinionated intellectualism has constantly "let down" this country
at every crucial turn of
events. The man has neither
guts nor character fit for

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his job, and he surrounded
himself with 3rd rate small
calibre men like himself —
so there you are ! The people
here are all right, all they
need is a leader.

Of course the Vigilantes
have no political preferences,
as an organization. I merely
give you my own news, and
am still proud I am a
Canadian with a right to
say "God save the King."
Our time is coming. Freedom
will need us. She is just now

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fighting Kaiserism. Bolshinkism is almost as great a
danger in the future. N.S. stand
for freedom under ordered
law and institutions.

I hope you are putting the
poor followers of Bourassa
where they belong !

With this sputtering said,
I close with God bless you !
and one heartily yours

Bliss Carman