Act re prevention and cure of tuberculosis.

   An Act to assist in the prevention and cure of tuberculosis.



1. Lt. Gov.-in-Council authorized to3. Lt. Gov.-in-Council empowered to grant
1. appoint commission to enquire into1.$15,000 for purpose of carrying out
and report, etc.; to serve without1. recommendations of commission, etc.
remuneration. 4. Moneys to be raised by loan; in what
2. Report to be in writing and tomanner.
embody result of investigations
and recommendations.

   Passed 29th April, 1909.

   Whereas, until a comparatively recent date tuberculosis, or consumption as it is commonly called, was regarded as generally hereditary and incurable, but modern discoveries have established that it is a communicable disease and to a large extent curable as well as preventable, and since such discoveries, a movement has been made in civilized countries with the view of adopting the best measures for suppressing the said disease;

   And whereas, to show the widespread and fatal nature of this disease it is estimated upon the best authority available that there are in the Dominion of Canada consumptive invalids numbering at least 40,000 persons of whom over 4 000 die annually, and aside from the humanitarian consideration involved in the question, the financial loss alone entailed upon Canada by such a large annual mortality is estimated at over eight million dollars, and there is reason to believe that in respect to the ravages of this dread scourge our own Province suffers equally with the other Provinces of the Dominion, according to population.

   And whereas, in view of the foregoing facts it would seem to be the duty of the Province to assist in the movement now being made to lessen the widespread suffering and great mortality among the people caused by the various forms of tuberculosis, and to do so intelligently, the Government should be possessed of reliable and accurate information upon the subject.

   Be it therefore enacted by the Lieutenant-Governor and Legislative Assembly, as follows:-

   1. The Lieutenant-Governor-in-Council is hereby empowered to appoint a Commission, to consist of not more than seven persons, who shall serve without remuneration other than the payment of actual expenses, to enquire into and report upon the best methods to be adopted to prevent and cure tuberculosis, commonly called consumption, in this Province.

   2. The said Commission shall embody the result of it; investigations, together with such recommendations as it may be pleased to make in the matter, in a report in writing and present the same to the Lieutenant-Governor-in-Council.

   3. The Lieutenant Governor-in-council, upon the receipt of the report of the said Commission, is hereby empowered to authorize the expenditure of a sum not exceeding $15,000, for the purpose of defraying the expenses and carrying into effect the recommendations of the said Commission, if deemed advisable, or in taking such measures for the prevention and cure of tuberculosis in this Province as seems best calculated to effect that object.

   4. The Lieutenant-Governor-in-Council is hereby authorized to raise the moneys necessary to meet such expenditure by way of loan under the provisions of "An Act respecting the raising of loans authorized by the Legislature," which shall apply in respect thereto.

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Act to Assist in the Prevention and Cure of Tuberculosis.

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