New Brunswick. Royal Commission on the Restigouche County Gaol.

Abstract: Report of Royal Commission on the Restigouche County Gaol (1922)

In 1922, five men who were supposed to be locked up in the Restigouche County Gaol were walking around as free men. H. C. Ramsey, a Barrister from Bathurst, was appointed to look into the matter.

The report largely consists of a description of the five men who had broken out of the gaol, as well as the testimony of Frank Synott, a Provincial Constable and Restigouche County Gaoler in 1921, Stanislas Blanchard, and the wives of both men.

Ramsey's findings were straightforward. He found that the five men had "unlawfully broken Gaol" before their sentence was completed. He recommended that Blanchard be censured for not properly taking care of the locks at the gaol, and that Blanchard should be reprimanded for allowing prisoners to remain free without making any provision for bringing them back into custody.


H. C. Ramsey.

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