Abstract: Report upon Certain Charges Preferred by Urbain Maillet Against the Liquor Licence Commissioners of the County of Kent, 1910

In March of 1910, Urbain Maillet, the proprietor of the Royal Hotel in Rexton, located in Kent County, sent a letter to the Provincial Secretary, in which he charged that his liquor licence had been revoked for political reasons rather than those relating to his establishment or the way he ran it. J. K. Flemming was appointed Commissioner to investigate the charges.

The difficulties began for Maillet began in 1909, when the Temperance movement in Kent County lobbied the Liquor Commission to reduce the number of licences it granted. The Commission complied and reduced the number from eight to five. As a result, the licence of some proprietors could not be renewed, and Maillet's was chosen as one of the establishments not have its licence renewed.

Though Flemming did not make any pronouncement on whether Maillet had been wronged for personal and political reasons, he did, nonetheless, recommend that the Royal Hotel, along with two other establishments that had also been denied a licence renewal, be granted licences and that two other establishments have theirs revoked.


James Kidd Flemming.

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