Abstract: Commission to Investigate Complaints Against Miles B. Dixon, Registrar of Probates, Albert County, 1909

In 1909 two members of the Legislative Assembly, Messrs. Dickson and Prescott, petitioned the Lieutenant-Governor, claiming that Miles B. Dixon was negligent in his duties as Registrar of Probates for Albert County. They charged that he was not with any regularity found at his office in the shiretown, and asked that this mater be addressed.

The report written by Commissioner James King Kelley consisted of excerpts taken from testimony given in February of 1909. Ultimately, Kelley appeared to make no decision or recommendations. He noted in his report that Albert County did not provide for a caretaker for the County building in the shiretown, and that Dixon should have been there on a daily basis to "light fires and clean up the offices", even though he lived a considerable distance. Dixon appeared to have replied indignantly that he would not do the work, as he was paid to be Registrar of Probates, not a caretaker. No resolution of the case was recorded by Kelley.


James King Kelley.

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