Abstract: Report of Royal Commission to Investigate Charges Against G. Miles McCrea, 1905.

In 1905, Thomas Lawson sent a letter to Lemuel Tweedie, Provincial Secretary, making serious charges against Miles McCrea, Liquor Inspector for Victoria County. The Commission examined four charges: first, that $600.00 worth of licence fees had not found its way to the proper government accounts; secondly, that McCrea had hired an "informer" from the United States to collect evidence for prosecutions of those whose actions contravened the Liquor License Act; thirdly, that he had maliciously prosecuted several individuals; and finally, that he was "improvidently using the Licence Fund".

Commissioner Wendell P. Jones found that there was no validity to any of the charges, save the first. In that case, however, Jones found that due to McCrea's recent appointment to the office of Liquor Inspector, McCrea was unfamiliar with procedures to transfer funds to government accounts. Thus, although guilty according to the letter of the law, there had been no malicious intent. The rest of the charges were dismissed. Commissioner Jones concluded his report by recommending that Miles McCrea be retained as Liquor Licence Inspector.


James P. Wendell.

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