Abstract: Report of Committee of Council Relating to the Tracadie Lazaretto, 1879

Just over twenty years after the first investigation of the Tracadie Lazaretto, the Lieutenant Governor in Council appointed the Solicitor General, the Attorney General, and the Chief Commissioner of Works to form a committee with the task of making an inquiry into the institution. Like the 1857 report, this one is also very short, consisting of less than two printed pages. But, unlike the first report, this one was critical of the management of the Tracadie Lazaretto.

The committee had some serious criticisms of the way the Tracadie Lazaretto was governed. They reported that the main building where those infected lived was in a poor state of repair, and "of an inadequate size and capacity for proper accommodation". They also reported that the cook-house was similarly ill-equipped and too far away from the main living quarters for proper food service.

The committees also reported that not only were the physical accommodations poor, but those who ran the Lazaretto were incompetent and unscrupulous profiteers. The report asserted that almost all Board Members of the Lazaretto were or had been involved in receiving contracts for furnishings and services for the facility. That is, Board Members were profiting from their positions. The report further noted that minutes of Board Meetings were either forged or were lost. In their recommendation, the committee was unmistakably clear: all eleven Board Members were to be summarily dismissed, and a new Board composed of five members was to be appointed.


Jno. Jas. Fraser.
P.A. Landry
J. H. Crawford

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