Abstract: Report of Commissioners Appointed under a Resolution of the Assembly (Tracadie Lazaretto 1857)

The Commission to Inquire into the Lazaretto in 1857 was established under the same legislation that created the much more comprehensive "Report of the Commission Appointed to Enquire into the Management of Several Public Institutions Receiving Provincial Aid". However, unlike the latter report, the inquiry into the Lazaretto was very short and thoroughly positive.

Commissioners Lau. McLaren and Richard Sutton noted that those who were interned at the Tracadie Lazaretto were generally well taken care of, were clean, and had an ample supply of food and clothing. The Commissioners went so far as to use the word "comfort" in describing the living conditions at the Lazaretto. Quite unlike the Commissioners who reported on the other public institutions receiving provincial aid, they reported: "we are of the opinion, that so long as the present system is pursued, greater economy or better management cannot be obtained." A very different opinion was expressed by the Commissioners who investigated the same institution twenty-two years later.


Richard Sutton
Laurence Maclaren.

[Lazaretto at Sheldrake Island, 1860]

* Photographic image of charcoal/pencil drawing
Provincial Archives of New Brunswick. Photography Section.
Caraquet-Shippegan Collection, P4/5/73.

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